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    I really have clear goals and intentions, and they are Dr Psy.
    Now , while trying to get more research done about it, I turn to you guys for help as well.
    There might be a chance that I get to the states and if so, I'll look for an acredited university, right? One that offer licensure as well. I suppose both are needed, right?

    Now, if I don't get to the States, I am feeling desperate in searching online possibilities. Is there a way to fully get a Dr degree online? With accreditation and licensure? I heard of NCU, but does that include all of the possibilities that one needs to get opportunities with that degree?

    I still have many questions, I realize, but I'm moving on with my searching and always learn with your information! (oh, what is the price I'm looking forward to? Would 75,000 be a good approximation?)

    Thanks again.
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    " Is there a way to fully get a Dr degree online? With accreditation and licensure?"

    - Currently, there are no US apa accredited doctoral programs in psychology that host their programs fully online, for students living outside of the United States.

    - You may complete a doctoral psych degree at NCU online. It is not APA accredited. However, you may complete
    a clinical re-specialization at fielding upon your return to the US. You may apply to other universities that offer clinical psychology re-specialization. Check with the American Psychological Association for more information about these programs.

    - To earn licensure as a psychologist, you need to meet the supervised experience requirement and pass an exam.

    Consult with the licensing board of your prefered state of residency for current and reliable information. Visit the boards website periodically, as rules and regulations may change.

    Take a look at the following books for accurate printed information about the field of clinical psychology.

    "Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology"

    "Graduate Study in Psychology 2006"
    - American Psychological Association

    Both of these books are available at
    Amazon. They provide valuable

    - Visit the APA webpages below to learn more about the clinical psychology licensure:

    - Take a look at the APA sitemap: Explore these webpages to learn more about the various fields of psychology

    - You may become a member of APA



    Explore the resources posted at:

    "oh, what is the price I'm looking forward to? Would 75,000 be a good approximation?"

    Capella University:

    Walden University:

    NorthCentral University:

    - Take a look at NCU's estimated cost of attendance

    Do more research, on your own, about
    the field of psychology before you
    decide to "Take the plunge ". The psychology links above is a great starting point.

    Take your time. Don't rush into it. You may change your mind later on. You thought about physical therapy, psychology, and counseling at the same time. Are you really interested in psychology?

    - Do some volunteer work in a mental health field. This may help you decide if the helping profession is for you.

    If your interested, enroll in the psych masters program in general psychology at NCU. That way, you may explore psychology and decide if the profession is right for you. Once you complete the masters, you may work as a psychological associate or a masters level psychologist in the US. Check with your state licensing board for more info.

    The choice is yours and there are many choices. :p

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