DOCNET, similar concept to FEMA independant study?

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  1. rickyjo

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    I stumbled across this:

    The great Michael Gates posted about something called DOCNET. Notice this content is now publicly accessible so ignore the military only portion of the old post. Apparently one can receive college credit; however, I cannot determine if one must attend the school that offers it first or if it can just be claimed. The post is out of date.

    Has anybody implemented this to get credit? Apparently the college (APU) also takes FEMA. They appear to be both regionally and nationally accredited even though the original post only mentions national.

  2. Cauble_TXSG

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    I have taken 18 of the DOCNET courses along with 8 of the UN courses. I had American Military University (AMU) transcript them for me.

    These courses are considered "prior learning" and are treated as such when you are evaluated. While your admissions counselor will give you acknowledgement of receipt, and pending credit, you will not see them on a transcript until you complete at least on credit hour class at AMU. You will only receive credit for courses that fit into your degree plan. So if you enroll as a BS in Intelligence student, and submit 30 DOCNET certs, and others, you will only receive and have transcripted the credits that meet your degree plan, and no more that fit into your general electives area of the degree.

    AMU will take course certificates from DHS and FEMA. They do not however accept independent study courses for credit. Only classroom courses out of FEMA's EMI or ODP will be considered for prior learning credit.
  3. rickyjo

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    Do you have any idea if the courses will transfer to any of the big three once they are on an APU transcript?
  4. soupbone

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    If you have the Docnet courses transcripted at AMU are they given grades or simply pass/fail?
  5. Cauble_TXSG

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    All of the grades were shown as PASS/FAIL on the transcript.

    I am traveling for training this week and the next two, so I don't have my transcripts in front of me to provide you very specific information. When I get back home, I will be happy to provide more details.

    With the courses from DOCNET, almost all of them were treated as military science. They varied in 100, 200, and a few 300 level courses.

    The courses from the UN (UNITAR) were much more varied. They were 100, 200, 300, and one 400. They were treated as history, ethics, sociology, the mine course was treated as engineering, homeland security, and so on.

    DOCNET is good for filling in the credit hours just like FEMA. The UN courses are more useful in receiving credit for specific areas of study that translate better into your degree plans.
  6. rickyjo

    rickyjo Guest

    Sooo, does anybody know if it is possible to transfer any of these courses?
  7. firstmode4c

    firstmode4c Member

    Soooo can these be used at TESC?
  8. KUJO

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    Has this been tested yet, has anyone been able to get the big 3 to accept these? And if so where were the transcribed to?
  9. johnp

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    Iam going in the Army so if these courses transfer to TESC that might help me in the long run, but even if not they might help someone else. Anyone know if these work with the big 3??
  10. KUJO

    KUJO New Member

    Has anyone been able to transfer these to any colleges other then AMU?

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