Do you read the syllabus?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AsianStew, Jan 26, 2022.

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    Different answers in different circumstances.

    Nowadays - I ALWAYS read them. Because I only take courses I have a real interest in. And how do I know they'll be really interesting to me unless I know in detail what's in 'em. And it's also a good way to be prepared. You might spot things you need to know already, before class starts.

    Back in the day (my 40s) when I had to deal with requirements, some course syllabi were better left unread - or I'd KNOW I wasn't going to like them. If that had happened I COULD be psychologically beat from the start! Better to go to a couple of classes, find out I didn't like it and just keep going. I'd say "Heck. I'll just learn the crap, write the tests, get the credits and forget it." And I always did.

    If I'd have read the syllabus and gone into the first class thinking there would be problems - there likely would have been. Reading syllabi? Depends on the situation - but yeah, if they're giving cash prizes... that's a game-changer. We never had that.
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    I always read them start to finish ASAP. I wanted to know exactly what I had to do, and by when. And starting up again this September, I'll do the same thing.
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