Do you have to be enrolled somewhere to test?

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  1. crouton

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    I searched the forum but I couldn't find this question or I wasn't searching correctly for it.

    Since I don't have the money to take multiple tests at one time, is it possible to take tests and not be enrolled in a school until I'm ready to graduate? That way I'm only out the test fees until time to enroll and see what else I need to finish up. I would really like to be finished with my BA in 1 year. I think I could do that if I took 1 test a month worth at least 3 credits and then enrolled when I was done. I need 58 credits to finish. My goal is a BA in English and I'm seriously looking at Charter Oak's BA with Literature Concentration. I think I could finish those requirements within a year, especially if I take the Literature GRE.

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    Yes, you can take the exams and leave the credits there. You don't have to enroll right away. Usually people enroll as the same time to track their credits and where they at.
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    One of the great things about CLEP and DANTES is you can choose at the time of testing whether you want your scores reported to certain school(s), or held. If you hold them, there's a small transcript fee to have them sent later, but well worth it if you want to load-up on exams, and see where the chips fall before officially enrolling.
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    When talking about the big three I always suggest to people that they wait to enroll until they know for sure that they can finish within a year so as to avoid paying more than one year of tuition at the school.
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    You do not have to enroll.

    If you are sure about Charter Oak then you can apply ($75) first and that will buy you six months before you have to enroll. The benefit is that once you do apply, you can have your test scores sent to the school when you take each test. The additional benefit is that you can get a little more "help" from them if you have at least applied.
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    I figured that it will probably take me until the end of this year to take the tests I need - provided I don't fail any of them - and then in December 2009 I'll enroll in Charter Oak. I should be able to finish my degree at that time with only 3-4 classes through them.

    If you are having your credits held, is there a code you use similar to the code you would use if you were having them sent to a school? When I took my first CLEP test years ago they said I needed that code. I was enrolled at that campus at the time, so it wasn't that big a deal then.
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    You can have your score results sent to COSC even if you are not enrolled. That way when you do enroll, you will not have to pay the transcript fees to send over your test results. That is what I did when I took exams before enrolling with EC...

    Good Luck!
  8. thatbrian

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    For CLEP exams, you will have an opportunity before the test begins to specify which school to send the results to. You do not need to know a number. You will choose the state (CT) and then Charter Oak from a drop down list.

    With DSST exams you will need to enter the school number yourself: 9928


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