Do most colleges accept ALEKS (ACE) courses?

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    I am in the last stages of my B.S.Information Technology Management. I only have 7 more courese left to take before I graduate and they're all general ed. courses! I need Intermediate Algebra, Stats, History, Intro to Art and Art Literature and 2 more major course. I want to knock out the general ed. by using Aleks courses or Straighterline. I am so close to completion that I just want to be done now. Thanks for any feedback!
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    It is becoming a very common thing for many colleges and universities to accept ACE reviewed courses. Many places will accept them without any problems. However, with that said, the best thing I would tell anyone transfering any credits either general or ACE is to contact the school you are wishing to get the credits transfered and get an answer from their admissions office. Also you should not assume that because one school accepts the credits everyone will. Many schools have different guidelines of accepting non-traditional credits then others. I hope this helps!!!

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