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    Just filed my first Form 8863, for a Lifetime Learning Credit on U.S. taxes. Potential DL students may be interested to read in the U.S. tax code about two tax credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning) for which they may be eligible.

    If still in the stage of choosing a school, one might especially note the requirements for an eligible postsecondary institution- "the institution must be eligible to participate in a student aid program administered by the Department of Education." A search of the Dept of Ed website reveals that many non-U.S. schools with active distance learning programs have Federal School Codes indicating participation in U.S. Dept of Ed student financial assistance programs. For example, the University of London and many of the other British and Australian schools have Federal School Codes. Notably absent are most South African schools, including Unisa. A person at the Dept of Ed indicated that some non-U.S. schools without codes or not listed in the Dept of Ed "book" might still participate in federal student aid programs, but that one would have to check directly with the school.

    Something to keep in mind for the next tax season.


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