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    OK. I was just watching a bit of an NCIS episode from a few years back ("Collateral Damage" is the title, I believe...), in which a character was being evaluated to be a possible NCIS agent. In it, a character mentioned that the guy in question had gotten his degree through distance learning, as though it were a negative. (BTW, the character did prove himself to be agent material in the end...but he's not returned to the show...)
    I know the Open University has featured in several UK films and productions. But, do any of you know of other works of popular culture that include DL in them?
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    There was one episode of "Glee" in which Glee Club Advisor Will Schuster and Cheerleading Coach Sue Sylvester get into an argument, and Sue says something about her PhD. Will then yells "You got it ONLINE, Sue!"

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    There was a scene in an episode of Family Guy which showed two construction workers sitting on a girder eating lunch.

    Man 1: Hey did I tell you my son got into DeVry?
    Man 2: Oh, what did he do, open the door?
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    Family Guy #2 / UOP Reference

    There was another episode where Brian's long lost son Dillon shows up with a letter from his mother. The letter states that Brian has to take care of him now and she also asks if Brian can write her a recommendation letter to the University of Phoenix!

    Family Guy Cutaways - News
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    "which Brian is not comfortable with"

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