DL HR Certificate Programs that prep learners for the PHR exam

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  1. trishbee

    trishbee New Member

    Can anyone recommend a graduate level DL HR certificate program (under 3k) that helps learners prep for the PHR exam? Thanks!
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  2. adireynolds

    adireynolds New Member

  3. Charles

    Charles New Member


    Registration Fee: $1095
    SHRM® Member Discount: $1045

    This program is presented by evening weekday classes, Saturday accelerated classes, or by online classes.
  4. skywire

    skywire New Member

    It's been mentioned before, the best bang for the $$$ is HRCP home study program.

    It is only $285 and will prepare you for the PHR or SPHR exam. I'm studying that as well as currently doing the e-Cornell 12 class HR program.

  5. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    The HRCP program is what I used. Well actually I didn't use it completely because I was too busy at work and only made it through half of the program.

    Even with only that , I took the SPHR exam and missed passing by 4 points! Next time I'm only going to take the PHR. Scheduled to take it in May.
  6. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    Since you are already considering distance learning for your PHR prep(which indicates that you are already self-motivated) , I have a very effective and inexpensive option for you.

    When I prepared for both my PHR and SPHR, I was working for a non-profit and my funds were extremely limited. I just bought the certification handbook and then went to a local college bookstore and bought a good used HR management text and a good used labor relations text. I paid less than $250 for everything and I passed both exams the first time.

    If you walk yourself, item by item, through the certification handbook, you'll do just fine. Use that certification guide as your roadmap. If you can't find what you need in either of the textbooks, look up laws and regs online at the dol.gov website.

    Good luck!

  7. trishbee

    trishbee New Member

    Thanks everyone for the tips. After much soul searching, I've decided to quit working for the next 6 months so I can finish my undergrad degree and prepare for the PHR exam. Great ideas on purchasing the test prep books and guides. I already have HR textbooks so this sounds like a good option.
  8. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    There is also an online PHR/SPHR study group. I think it is on Yahoo Groups if I recall. Just search PHR. Lots of good stuff online.
  9. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    Good luck on finishing your degree and your PHR prep, Trishbee.

    The best advice I can give you for self-study preparation is to just work your way through the certification prep book. When I did it about 7 years ago it was just under $20 and available from the SHRMstore.

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