DL Engingeering Degree??

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    Do any of you know of a DL insitituion that offers a Bachelors Degree in Engineering or a Bachelors Degree in Quality Assurance? Are any of them BSEE accredited?
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    California State University Dominguez Hills' BSQA

    University of North Dakota has a BSE in four disciplines (I don't have the link, sorry). Because it is ABET accredited, you have to visit a few times to satisfy lab requirements. It is fairly expensive from what I have heard.

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    Distance Engineering

    North Dakota was correctly posted as the best in distance engineering only because of the ABET accreditation.... not necessarily for content.

    Here is some more picks:

    By Paul R. Clark

    University of North Carolina
    Office of Distance Education
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    9201 University City Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
    Call toll free: 1-877-583-2966


    Accreditation: Regional and ABET/TAC

    Indiana State University
    200 North Seventh Street, Terre Haute,
    Indiana, USA 47809-9989

    Accreditation: Regional and (NAIT) National Association of Industrial Technology

    Excelsior College
    7 Columbia Circle
    Albany, NY 12203-5159
    Call toll free: 888-647-2388

    Accreditation: Regional and TAC / ABET

    Thomas Edison State College
    101 W. State St. • Trenton, NJ 08608-1176
    Phone: 1-888-442-8372 (toll-free)

    Accreditation: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics / World College
    1776 East 17th Street
    Cleveland Ohio 44114
    Phone (800)-CIE-OHIO (243-6446)

    Accreditation: DETC / The Distance Education and Training Council

    Grantham College of Engineering
    34641 Grantham College Road,
    Slidell, LA 70460
    Toll free inside the U.S: 1-800-955-2527

    Accreditation: DETC / The Distance Education and Training Council

    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Online Learning
    91 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623-5603

    Phone: 1.800.CALL.RIT (Voice/TTY)


    Accreditation: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

    Old Dominion University

    Department of Engineering Technology
    Old Dominion University
    214 Kaufman Hall
    Norfolk, VA 23529-0243


    Accreditation: Regional / ABET

    California National University
    8550 Balboa Blvd.
    Suite 210
    Northridge, CA
    Phone: 800-782-2422


    Accreditation: DETC / The Distance Education and Training Council

    When choosing a college it is important to consider the direction you may want to pursue after you graduate. If you wish to become a Professional Engineer it will be important to choose an educational program that is ABET accredited. The ABET accreditation is currently the only accepted accreditation by the NCEES. The NCEES is the body appointed by the state government which provides engineering licensing primarily used in Civil Service jobs.

    However, a second route is possible to become a PE with a Bachelors of Science in a related field. This requires a longer experience base and some additional course work. If you plan to go this route choose a good regionally accredited program.

    The DETC engineering degree is not intended for the student wishing to pursue a Professional Engineering (PE) license. The DETC graduate can pursue an engineering acknowledgement from the British Engineering Council. If Charter status is achieved they maybe able to register as a PE in the United States.

    Disclaimer: This information is provided in good faith, use on your own accord.
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    I am full of trepidation about posting here. That which I have to say is within the code of conduct a la Chip, so here goes.

    I never have and never will insult the aspirations of would be Engineering academics. I qualified in 1960 but felt heartsick at my 'no option' acceptance of the THERMODYNAMIC LAWS .

    For me it all began to change in 1984 when I asked myself why a Centrifugal force reaction was several hundred times greater than the torque action that produced it. Even worse, it was always 90 degrees to and never opposite to the action.

    This was exactly the opposite of the Newtonian laws of motion. Newton covered it but tossed it away. Why?

    Blood, sweat, toil and tears gave me answers at Quantum Power Devices yielding the Grand Unified Theory and Darwinian Natural Selection

    For nearly 30 years I was a 'Dead Graduate Walking'. What will you decide to be? Your university professors have alredy decided for you. They think !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dear Janus20,

    I'm not an admin here, but I think you should remember that this is a thread about DL engineering degrees in a forum about distance learning. We generally do not discuss here things like someone's personal opinions about philosophiae naturalis principa mathematica.

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    Dear Mikey,

    I think you are being a little too free and easy with your concept of 'we'.

    The choice is between dying stupid or getting out from under. You only get one opinion. Try 'I' where you use 'we'. You would not click thr send button on this. Would you ?
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    Dear Janus20,

    Thank you for sticking to the topic, DL engineering degrees.

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