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  1. icu581

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    When enrolling in a DL course, should i be concerned about the class size? When is it too large or too small? Will the instructor be able to give immediate feedbacks as compared to more traditional methods? Thanks in advance...

  2. Andy Borchers

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    DL Schools vary - but generally, total on-line delivery calls for smaller class sizes. I see places like Baker and Phoenix holding class sizes to 13-15 students. As an instructor the amount of work grows with the number of students. You end up writing lots of personal notes to students. Papers that you could write comments on in a few minutes if they were printed, take much longer to type responses to.

    Some schools do a "blended" delivery with part on-line and part on-ground. In these cases, class size may be a bit larger.

    Thanks - Andy

    Andy Borchers, DBA
    NSU (1996)
  3. icu581

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    Thanks Andy for responding to my question...The number of students you mentioned surprised me considering that there are no "limited seatings"...
    thanks again


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