DL certificate programs in Finance (Post MBA)

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    Hey Guys, this is my first post on this forum, dont know the rules yet!! please bear with me! :)

    Little Background -

    I am an MBA (dual specialization Finance and Marketing), and have about 2.5 years of workex... (not in finance).

    Now I want to strengthen / compliment my MBA finance with a certificate / Diploma program in Finance by DL from a Reputed University (thats the point...!)

    All i have found is Grad Certs / PG Dip... But since I am an MBA, i have already learnt that stuff... So i want something advance in Finance via DL, a short program (say about 6-7 months) not a Degree program as they can get really academic, long and dissertations etc...

    I am ok with a US / UK university, till the time its reputed... (say top 60 in the rankings) - Help Guys and Gals... !!
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    Check eCornell's certificate offerings. There might be something there.

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    Fortunato is completing a Certificate in Finance through East Carolina University. You could check them out here.

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