Distance learner aptitude test for performance prediction

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Can student learning aptitude transfer from B&M to DL?

  1. B&M learning aptitude transfers to DL

  2. B&M learning aptitude does NOT transfers to DL

  3. Do not know or Other

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    I teach both distance learning (DL) and brick & mortar (B&M) courses.

    Anecdotally, I see that students who are successful in B&M classes, do not necessarily succeed as good DL learners.

    I was trying to find some scholarly papers that either prove or disprove my conjecture. Any papers you read on this?

    Additionally, if I am right (or not proven to be wrong), I would like to find some personality test that may assist in determining the aptitude of a student as it relates DL courses. I was thinking Millon Index, but that is just crazy expensive ($18/test) and not sure if it is a good fit. Any ideas?

    As for the poll, I should have asked if the aptitude readily transfers. Some aspects or facets clearly will transfer.
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