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    I am still looking for a masters program through distance education and have really not had much luck. I need it to be Regionally Accredited with no residency program. I am wanting a degree in Counseling or a social services field. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
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    If you want a M.A. in Counseling which may qualify you to take the state LPC exams, Liberty University has a good program. Meets many states requirements. They will send you a guide with various states licensing information. The program is affordable and done almost exclusively by DE. You will need to do a couple of classes in residence for obvious reasons (eg. group therapy class). I believe they are short modular courses. Liberty does not force any particular belief on people in the Distance Education program. http://www.Liberty.edu

    Also try Southern Christian University. They have been into DE for a while. They have a shorter M.A. in Counseling that qualifies for licensure in Alabama but probably not many other states (only 36 credit hours where most states are requiring 48 credit hours). http://www.scu.edu (??)

    Good luck!

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    North's suggestions are good ones, Tambur.

    I note that the subject index to my book, Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning, lists a dozen or so other possibilities, including, for instance, Capital, Antioch, CIIS, City U, and Prescott; many more if you include clinical psych, psych, or pastoral counseling.

    John Bear

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