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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by monchhichi, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. monchhichi

    monchhichi New Member

    Hi Everyone, I am looking some advice on choosing the right program. I live in Canada.

    Due to my family situation, I am not able to leave my town for education. So distance or online is the only option. I am currently a project coordinator with a non-profit agency. Duties include coordinating events, promoting the organization and promoting events. I also have 1 year of experience in advertising.

    I think I know what career path I am looking for. I want to specialize in Marketing. I have a BA degree in linguistics and know 4 languages.

    Here are the programs I've been considering: (from most favourite to least)
    1. Northwestern Master in Integrated Marketing Communication (but really pricey, $50k)
    2. Boston University Master in International Marketing Management (still pricey $40k)
    3. Boston University Graduate Cert in International Marketing (don't know the cost yet)
    4. Cornell University Cert in Marketing ($3k)
    5. UC Berkerley Cert in Marketing ($4.5k)
    6. University of Alberta Master of Communication and Technology ($16k)

    I really want to get a Master Degree because it is always my goal to accomplish it in my life. But the first 2 options are really expensive. My non-profit organization can't subsidize me even a penny. I am actually looking for a new job in marketing with a bigger company, but it does take time.

    I am also thinking of maybe doing (3) first. Then when I save enough money in the future, I can just pay and finish a few more courses to get the graduate degree (2).

    Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks very much in advance!
  2. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Honestly? Before dropping five figures and two years on a graduate degree program, I would make sure you really need it to enter the field. It's better to think of a degree not as a goal in itself, but rather as a tool that helps you reach a goal.
  3. monchhichi

    monchhichi New Member

    Hi SteveFoerster, thanks for your feedback. Do you think a cert will be a good start instead of investing in a graduate program?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I always against cert from school except industrial certifications. Well, that's me...
  5. monchhichi

    monchhichi New Member

    TEKMAN, may I ask why you are against certificate? Is it because employers don't recognize the use of it?
  6. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    What sort of position do you actually want? I would figure that out first, and then contact HR departments at companies that offer such positions and straight up ask them how to become a competitive applicant. After all, they're the ones who would know. If they say, "Get a Master's in Marketing!" well, then do so. Otherwise, follow their lead.
  7. major56

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  8. ooo

    ooo New Member

    I would NEVER cough up $50,000 for a Master's in Marketing. Honestly, most marketing staff don't even make $50,000 per year in their first 10 years on the job. I don't see dropping $50,000 on a marketing degree as money that you'll get back. You don't need an MA to work in the field, let alone in non-profits. Degrees in this field rarely up your salary very much. Experience matters most, same with portfolio and connections. And, that kind of dough for a certificate? No way, no how would I do that. (This is coming from a person who has worked in marketing, and who paid literally over $200,000 myself, not one dime in aide or scholarship, for a top tier BA... that I'm still working on.)

    University of Alberta Master of Communication and Technology ($16k) is at least a Master's, and at least less ridiculously priced than the other two.

    You don't need a Master's for Marketing. Marketing really doesn't pay that well overall, and no MA required.

    I would consider an MBA with a Marketing or PR focus.

    Or, a degree in tech with a PR/social media/marketing focus. Maybe even just a communications degree if it's cheaper. I would learn web programming and graphic design. Marketing staff tends to end up doing a lot of their own tech projects.

    The marketing certificates that are "only" $3,000 might be a decent balance between studying something you ENJOY, and having a little something to add to your marketing resume. If we were talking an engineering degree, I would say... drop the $50,000 on tuition. But, for marketing? No. You just don't need the MA. If you're wanting to do non-profit management, I would get a degree in that... or an MBA with a marketing focus. Then, use your current non-profit job to get some experience in web/graphic design, event planning, and marketing promotional work. Cheaper than a degree, with likely the same end result. The $3,000 certificate, to me, would just be for fun-- with a slight resume benefit.
  9. monchhichi

    monchhichi New Member

    Thanks very much for your reply. I'll definitely consider your suggestion. I am actually trying to look for a job with a private company instead of staying with a non-profit. I might just consider doing a certificate in the meantime.

    Do you think a graduate degree in communication is useful? I know U of Alberta's program is cheaper. But for some reasons, I am a bit hesitated because "communication" degree sounds not very useful (I could be wrong, but just personal thoughts).

    On the other hand, do you think a graduate program in project management is worth to do it? My friend is also considering a master degree but in project management. She has been managing projects for almost 3 years and looking for career advancement.

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