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    Hello, Are there any schools discounting dl courses for high school students. When my daughter was in high school - ( years ago) cc classes were half price. Looking for any course but must be RA. Thanks. Hille
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    In North Carolina, residents of the state who are in high school can take unlimited CC courses for free.
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    The schools most likely to do this are the community colleges and public universities in your home state. You might get more info if you indicated where you live.

    In California, at least some community colleges offer free tuition to state-resident high school students. Not sure if all CCs statewide have this policy.

    I know a high school kid (child of a relative) who took a tuition-free DL course through a California CC over the summer. The downside was that class registration for the high school students was delayed -- in other words, the regular college students got the first chance to sign up for the available classes, while the high school students were not allowed to register until later, on a space-available basis. In practice, this meant that many classes were already full (and unavailable) by the time the high school students were allowed to sign up. The high school kid in question managed to get into the desired class, but apparently was lucky to do so; there were only one or two available slots at the time of registration.
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