Direct support Professional - for Developmental Disabilities

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    Hello, I noticed this credential is given credit at TESC and am seeking the cheapest option. Thanks. Hille
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    According to wiki (I know it's not the best resource), the requirements vary from state to state. Have you checked with the NADSP? Their website states:

    "Required elements:

    1. Must be a DSP-Registered;
    2. Proof of completion of 200 related instruction hours, including classroom/online learning and such strategies as: skills mentoring or discussion seminars or applying the learning through on-the-job training or portfolio development sessions, from an NADSP accredited education or training program;
    3. Proof of two years continuous and current work with a community human services employer (an individual/family who self-directs their supports or a provider organization);
    4. Professional resume;
    5. Updated letter of professional commitment;
    6. Letter of support/recommendation from a person to whom the DSP provides service or, in some situations, their family member or legal representative;
    7. Portfolio of work samples that demonstrate competence in 8 of the15 NADSP competency areas;
    8. Signed and dated re-commitment to adhere to the NADSP Code of Ethics.

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