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  1. Charles Fout

    Charles Fout Active Member

    I follow the AMU/APU Facebook Group. Recent discussions have ben regarding diplomas delivered rolled-up in cardboard tubes. I completed my BA at AMU in 2002. At the time most students were pursuing Master degrees, as the school was initially set up for junior officers to build upon Professional Military Education. Anyway, in 2002 AMU delivered our diploma matted and framed, choice of wood on the frame. Curious: are recent grads of any universities pleased with how their diplomas were delivered?
  2. LevelUP

    LevelUP Active Member

    I got three diplomas which were delivered on three separate days. Go figure!

    The diplomas were in holders that protected them somewhat though they were in a standard priority mail envelope. There was no tracking for any of them, all of them were dropped outside my door and one day it was raining.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Always got my diplomas in the mail even I attended graduation ceremony. Most schools do not issue degree at the graduation.
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  4. sanantone

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    My TESU diplomas came in a leather folder. My Angelo State University diplomas came in a priority mail shipping envelope. My University of Florida diploma came rolled up in a cardboard tube.
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  5. LearningAddict

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    These degrees are often packaged with very little care. I've had the same issues mentioned here including getting sent more than one diploma for the same program.
  6. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    My ECU diploma came in an envelope that was poorly shipped. I picked up SOSU in person.
  7. SweetSecret

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    The first school I graduated from sent the diploma in a faux leather folding certificate display. I don't recall anything fancy for the second diploma. It seems like it arrived in a cardboard envelope with my transcript. I honestly have no idea where any of my diplomas are... packed away somewhere. Even though I had times of attending bick and mortar schools, I think my lack of feeling like I had the traditional experience has led to a sense of detachment.
  8. datby98

    datby98 Active Member

    Mine was also mailed in a cardboard envelope with no protection sheet at all, and there was a mark on the envelope 'be cautious about the coronavirus!'
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  9. ArielB

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    My ASU diploma was also delivered in a cardboard envelope. I bought my own frame.
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  10. Acolyte

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    I got both of my diplomas in person. My Ohio State diploma was in an envelope on my chair at graduation (in the traditional folding "leatherette" diploma thing) since I graduated in the winter....I didn't get to "walk" the only people that "walked" were grad students. It kind of sucked to go through all of that and then just sit there in St. John's arena and watch grad students walk. I didn't know that was the case with winter graduation, I thought they would call my name or something - but they just give you a group "graduation". So, when I finished my Master's (online) I drove from Ohio to South Carolina for the graduation and had a proper ceremony. My diploma is HUGE! I didn't expect it to be that much larger than my OSU undergrad diploma. It came in a very nice embossed "leatherette" folder with a picture of the university inside. I literally JUST bought frames for them both about a month ago because it is expensive to get the nice frames with school embossing etc. I worked too hard on them not to go get them in person. :)

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  11. JoshD

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    I did not get the school embossed frame for my BS but I did for my MBA. Come time, I'll buy a Duke embossed one and at the same time, I'll get one for my BS degree so that I have uniformity when they are hanging in my home office...otherwise my OCD would drive me crazy. Lol
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  12. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    I receive my Ashworth, Don Bosco, and Liberty diploma in the mail. I attended graduation ceremony for all except Don Bosco. Lamar gave me the diploma backstage after the graduation ceremony was over.
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  13. Acolyte

    Acolyte Active Member

    LOL, I did the same thing - the frames are the same style, with the embossing. One is gold and one is silver though - they couldn't modify the choices because they were "licensed products" and so had to only be offered the way the license stipulated.
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  14. Futuredegree

    Futuredegree Active Member

    I have received a diploma in the mail in a cardboard tube in the past, I take a few heavy textbooks and flatten the diploma on a desk and gently place the textbooks on top. I leave the books there for about a week and it flattens it.
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  15. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    Had to wait 10+ months as I just finally got my VUL diploma in the mail (large cardboard flat mailer). VUL is old school and waits until graduation to hand out diplomas so those like myself had to wait even longer. Everywhere else that I've gotten a diploma or certificate has come 6-8 weeks in the mail after formal completion and degree check.
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