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    So while looking around at some schools, I came across Charter Oaks State College. When looking at what majors they offered--I came across this.

    "10. What majors do you offer?

    The College has no “majors”. Instead, we enable students completing a bachelor's degree to concentrate in a specific discipline or combination of subjects. By far, the most popular choice of “Concentration” is Individualized Studies which follows an interdisciplinary approach allowing students to customize their plan of study to better fit their background and goals. We also offer traditional fields of study such as Business Administration, Child Studies, Healthcare Administration, Public Safety Administration and many others.

    Regardless of your area of concentration, your diploma will simply state that you have earned either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Information about your concentration is provided only on your official transcript. Please see Concentrations/ Fields of Study or Concentration Basics for more information."

    My question is, is this a big deal. I am new to this so I don't know. So some schools diplomas mention the full major or so they all just say BA or BA.

    I always thought diplomas said what was majored in like accounting or business.

    What would be the difference in a diploma that says accounting or just BA?
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    Many, many major B&M universities follow this practice.
  3. 03310151

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    I've never had an employer ask me to see my Diploma. Not one. Ever. I have however had all employeers ask me for my transcripts. So if you are claiming a concentration, major, or whatever...it does not matter what your diploma says just what is noted on your transcripts.

    It's a big deal for those who like to display diplomas in the home or at work.

    Nobody cares whether or not I have a degree in my day to day work (IT)-so what my diplomas say is of no consequence.

    I keep mine locked up downstairs in a storage room with my military award citations and such. My kids can have the box when I die.

    I do keep digital copies of all of my transcripts so that when I apply for positions I can submit them, it's really all that matters.
  4. SurfDoctor

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    Also, Charter Oak is regionally accredited, so your degree is going recognized no matter what your diploma says. Like they said above, very few, if any, employers will care to see your diploma. It's not a worry.
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    I don't know how usual it is, but my undergrad diploma from a B&M school just says "Bachelor of Arts (Honors)" ... no mention of a major. My roommate's degree from another B&M school says the same (just "Bachelor of Science") even though we both had "majors". Maybe it's a Canadian thing.
  6. mattbrent

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    My BA diploma from Christopher Newport University just states "Bachelor of Arts" but my MS diploma from Walden University states "Master of Arts" with "Education" written underneath that.

    My wife's BA from the University of Delaware actually states "Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies" and her MA from the College of William and Mary states "Master of Arts in Education".

    I guess it just depends upon the school. I'm waiting to finish my MA with WNMU to see what they list it as. I describe it to everyone as an MA in History and Political Science. That may not be the proper name, but to me, it's easier than saying an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in History & Political Science.

  7. Maniac Craniac

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    Well, this thread is bound to be answered mainly with anecdote and opinion, so it would be difficult to make too many generalizations. I will say that I am aware of a few people who claim that their Charter Oak degree has served them just fine, and never once have they complained that anyone made a big deal about the concentration/major distinction.

    As mentioned above, your transcripts will list your concentration. If anyone in the world is interested enough in the distinction between a "concentration" and a "major," a look through your transcript will reveal that there really is no distinction! 36 credits in a single field, with required distributions and in some cases, prereqs, sure sounds like a major to me :)

    I have read on another thread (I can't find it :(), but can not verify since I am not in any such field, that there are certain licenses, certifications or positions themselves that require your degree to be "in" that specific field, which may mean that some bureaucratic stipulation would rule out a concentration. I don't know, that just sounds dumb to me, but it is always good advice to make sure, beforehand, that your degree will help you meet your goals.
  8. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    There are ways of listing your degrees on your resume that remove the clutter, but keep it accurate. I have experimented in my own resume with both Charter Oak and WNMU degrees, just to see how they would look, and I have come up with some interesting formats. I tend to like the two-lined formats the best:
  9. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    Listing the degree from Charter Oak as a BA Sociology is not accurate.
  10. Randell1234

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    I believe in the "call it like it is" approach and list mine as:
    BS – Charter Oak State College (with Honors)
    Concentration: Individualized Studies (Technology & Business)

    Or the one line:
    BS - Individualized Studies (Technology & Business) - Charter Oak State College

    or just
    BS - Charter Oak State College

    I have never had anyone ask to see my diploma or transcript (but official transcripts get sent in for adjunct positions). My diploma just says:

  11. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

  12. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    Charter Oak states the following:

    "You may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Both baccalaureate degrees are in General Studies and require 120 semester credits. In addition to satisfying general education requirements, the Bachelor of Arts degree requires 90 liberal arts credits, while the Bachelor of Science degree requires 60. Bachelor’s degree-seeking students must also complete a “Concentration” in a specific discipline or combination of disciplines."

    We have discussed this topic in depth because it not only applies to Charter Oak but many other schools that offer General Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, etc...

    There is a difference between a major and a concentration, and often a concentration is listed as a subset of a major.

    Do a search using concentration versus major site:edu and you will find a number of discussions on this topic.

    My point is the same as one brought up earlier in this thread, be sure of the requirement before taking on a degree that despite the effort won't be accepted due to some bureaucratic stipilation.
  13. Cauble_TXSG

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    -KEVIN- may be just a wee bit wrapped around the axles. It is very simple. Put whatever you want on your resume. Just keep in mind that if they verify your transcripts, you want to make sure that the resume is not reaching to far out of reality for them to make the connection. BA in General Studies with a Concentration in Sociology is more confusing to read for a potential employer than BA - Sociology. If ever questioned, then easy to explain that the school only offers general studies degrees in the concentration of the students choice. As described in my resume, that concentration is Sociology. Easy enough...
  14. bazonkers

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    My only advice would be to spell "Interdisciplinary" correctly on your actual resume. :)
  15. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    That's what I get for making a 40-second resume in Paint :D
  16. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck


    In my world embellishment of a resume doesn't just net you a lost job but can lead to jail time. Putting "whatever you want" on a resume is bad advice. The school is clear on what the degree title is, which is why folks should consider the needs and uses of the degree before investing time and money. What you consider being wrapped around an axle is what I consider ethics in action.

    I especially enjoyed your "make sure that the resume is not reaching to far out of reality".
  17. djacks24

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    My bachelors degree from a state school is listed exactly as follows;

    Bachelor of Science
    Cum Laude​

    No mention of major on the diploma. The major is listed on my transcript. I didn't have a minor.
  18. I say spell it wrong. You don't want anyone thinking you're some hotshot spelling whiz. :)
  19. BlueMason

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    Now that was funny :)
  20. mattbrent

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    I think I'd be more concerned that you did your resume in Paint rather than the spelling error! haha


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