"Diploma mills offer degrees for a price..."

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    Diploma mills offer degrees for a price... and not much else, The East Carolinian, September 30, 2004.
    Have you ever taken a look at Ellington's order page? It contains this screamer:
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    Does it have Regional Accredit?
  3. airtorn

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    Re: RA

    Not a chance.
  4. galanga

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    Re: RA

    Here's how you can answer that question with a couple of mouse clicks: go the the CHEA searchable database.

  5. dis.funk.sh.null

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    It would have been funny if it weren't so pathetic...


    observe the Diploma sample closely: "... hereby confers upon 'Your Degree Here' the degree of Bachelor of Science..."

    I am not sure... but shouldn't it say "Your NAME here" :confused:

  6. JNelson467

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    I have had numerous contact with many a diploma mill and find it fascinating as to why they continue to thrive. One assurance is that there is a demand and or a good size population of individuals who are not educated on the true credentials and accrediting standards of the school they are looking to for basically a verification of what he or she feels are valid credentials that one may or maynot possess.

    2nd. There are individuals, who fill out one of the online 20 question forms from a diploma mill and get a email in a few days stating that they have been evaluated for a MBA in dog food production or whatever and can be awarded a degree. Sure, the individual feels like,,Hey, my experience is equal to one who has gone to college. Here's my 4K and I can't wait to receive my lazer-ink-printed diploma on standard quality paper printed from a garage sent to me.

    Sad thing is, when one does see the light or runs into a problem, maybe even visits a site like Degreeinfo.com and learns what real credentials are, he or she looks at that diploma on the wall in a different light not only as a waste of money, but a simple failed effort. I don't know what is worse at that point.

    I've been there and luckily have seen the light so to speak.

    If you are looking for a degree from a UNRECOGNIZED and a true diploma mill, then just send me a few hundred dollars and Ill answer calls, verify your credentials and create you a nice piece of worthless paper while saving you a few grand. ( not to be taken seriously ).
  7. BillDayson

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    I think that a lot of the mills' attactiveness is just human psychology.

    People naturally want status. They want titles that will elicit respect from others.

    Many people also seem to have some kind of innate reluctance to simply tell a lie.

    So a degree mill allows people to make false claims while technically telling the truth. The editor can truthfully say: "Yes, Ellington University did grant me a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. That's simply a fact."

    And rationalization can be a wonderful thing. Aerospace engineering is kind of an extreme example. But how many of us have worked in business and have felt that we could manage better than our bosses? How many of us have believed some of the MBAs that we've met were clowns?

    Why shouldn't we be MBAs too? Don't we deserve it? If a school is operating legally in Belize, then its degrees are legal and legitimate (a phrase we hear here on Degreeinfo a lot).

    So if we deserve it, and if it's legitimate, then it's real. Q.E.D.
  8. marilynd

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    I have occasionally wondered how much money degree mills have made over the years from journalists trying to expose something that has been exposed over and over again.

    Perhaps feeding the vultures is but a small price to pay for keeping them before the public eye.



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