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  1. ebbwvale

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    The state Govt of New South Wales (a state of Australia) is going to implement digitalised education if they have a massed closing of schools because of coronavirus.

    Students will then learn via virtual reality. Nothing really new in this in Australia. We have had School of the Air for about 100 years for children on remote cattle/sheep stations. We have never had it on a large scale before.

    If it happens, education here might be changed forever. A digitalised educated generation will expect it at all levels. Distance learning effectively mainstreamed.
    Incredible what changes this virus is making! Something I would never have thought.
  2. Vonnegut

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    Good for them for being proactive and starting, hopefully, to build out the infrastructure to allow this. If you're in NSW now, hope that you're doing well in your area with the recovery from the fires.
  3. ebbwvale

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    I am a Queenslander, bit further north. We had some fires, as did all of Australia. Horrific. Every 20 to 30 years we seem to have really horrific fires. Better managed now. NSW, Victoria and South Australia really had a tough time.
    Drought has now broken. Lovely to see the faces of small children who have never seen rain.
    Yes, NSW will definitely lead the way for us.

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