Difficulty choosing a master's degree

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    I need a little help from everyone on which master's degree would give me the most bang for my buck. First of all, I have a completely useless bachelor's degree in psychology. I am wanting to earn a master's degree so that I can teach in the community college setting, however, my interests are all over the place. I was a biology minor in college on a premed track so I have an interest in science as well.

    Here are the options I am considering:

    -Biology - looking at St. Joseph's College in Connecticut (although it is a little more than I want to spend, they do have a good program from what I have seen on the website) or University of Nebraska Kearney (a lot more reasonable in price)

    -Nutrition - Rosalind Franklin Univ, St. Joseph's College Connecticut, University of Bridgeport, University of Alabama

    -Forensic Science - University of Florida

    -Healthcare Administration - looking at St. Joseph's College in Maine (good price), Grand Canyon University (a little more pricey but also offer psych courses), Rosalind Franklin University (interested in both their women's health and healthcare administration programs), Texas Tech (actually called Clinical Practice Mgmt, really great price)

    -Forensic Psychology - University of North Dakota, Argosy Online (this one may be a little pricey)

    Just wondering if anyone has any info on any of these online degrees. Also, as far as teaching at a community college, which degree would be the most needed? I have thought about possibly getting a degree in one area and then earning a certificate in another area so that I can teach in two different fields.

    Concerning the healthcare administration degree, would there be any classes I could teach with that degree or would I need a PhD in that field or many years of experience in a particular healthcare job before that degree would be worthwhile? Also, not sure if Clinical Practice Mgmt as a degree limits me since it is not called Healthcare Admin.

    One other thing, trying to spend $1500 or less per course preferably, but definitely not more than 20K for degree. If anyone has suggestions for other programs that meet that criteria that would help as well.

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