Differences between DBA and PHD in business? + samples

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    I understand that the PhD dissertation requires original work, while the DBA not. Asides from that, I am clueless.

    I would like to know the main differences between both types of programs. Can anyone tell me where I can find sample dissertations for either one of them, so I can better evaluate what is expectyed from each type of program?

    I did a search at amazon.com, but there I can only find books about how to write a dissertation/thesis. Until now, I have not found any book that is an exact DBA/PhD dissertation available for sale.

    Thanks for any info you may provide me
  2. RFValve

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    DBA's dissertations have to be original too. The main difference is that the DBA dissertation can use existing theory to solve a specific business problem while the PhD requires you to build new theory. The dissertation format is the same for both degrees.

    An example of a DBA dissertation could be:

    "The effectiveness of e-commerce for JIT in the aerospace industry"

    An example of a PhD dissertation could be:

    "An Information Technology acceptance model for manufacuring information systems"

    In Australia and UK, PhD dissertation are expected to be at least 100,000 words while DBA dissertations can be 50,000 words or more.
  3. RFValve

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    You can find dissertation for both degrees here:


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