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    I am in CA and am trying to follow a career path in psychology. What are the differences between all the licenses below? I am leaning towards Waldens masters in mental health counseling, I want to get a secure job with the hospital or police dept/prisons as Psychologist in CA, any input is appreciated.

    "The BBS is responsible for consumer protection through the regulation of Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT); Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW); Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP); Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC); MFT Interns (IMF); Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW); and Professional Clinical Counselor Interns (PCCI) in the State of California. It is one of the boards within the California Department of Consumer Affairs."

    Thank you.
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    MFT- Is literally a therapist that practices marriage and family therapy. Typically, they are not ethically or legally able to practice outside of marriage/family therapy
    LCSW- Is a masters level, independent clinical social worker. Most often, they work as a therapist or will still work in social service agencies in administration
    LEP- My best understanding is that it is the licensing term for school psychologists in CA and to my best understanding, it is a CA limited license- meaning, as far as I know, no other state offers LEP license, but rather provides licenses as a school psychologist
    LPCC- Are clinical counselors. I do not know the scope of practice in CA, but typically they are licensed to engage in all forms of therapy- individual, group, substance abuse, MFT-, render diagnoses, and engage in assessments.
    IMF, ASW, and PCCI- Are MFT's, LCSW's, and LPCC's that are under their designated supervision, in which all mental health practitioners have to do. Typically, before therapists (LPCC, LCSW, MFT) are independently licensed (meaning practice on their own), they have to be supervised for a specific number of hours, typically anywhere between 2,000-6,000 hours depending on the license and the state.

    If you want to work as a psychologist, you will have to complete a doctorate in Psychology (clinical or counseling) and obtain license as a psychologist.

    I hope this helped.

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