Determined Mom Completes College Exam While in Labor

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  1. Randell1234

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    If a student asks if they can have an extension should I ask them why and send them this story?

    Determined Mom Completes College Exam While in Labor

    A Georgia mom didn't let labor pains get in the way of passing her psychology exam last week and there's a photo taking the Internet by storm to prove it.

    "I'm shocked by it [going viral]," Tommitrise Collins of Macon, Georgia told ABC News today. "I didn't even know about the picture until she [my daughter] was delivered. I feel like it motivates women -- all the responses I've gotten [said] how it motivated and inspires some women to start college again."

    Collins, 21, said she went into labor at 1 a.m. on Nov. 12 and was brought to Coliseum Medical Center in Macon, but the Middle Georgia State University senior was scheduled to take a psychology exam online, which she was determined to complete.

    "My due date was November 17 and I didn't expect to go into labor that night," she said. "I knew I had a test to take and it opened from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. My mom called and asked me 'Have you taken the test yet?' Even though I was hurting, I had to take the test."

    In between three-minute contractions, Collins said she took and passed her test while her sister, Shanell Brinkley-Chapman, snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook, where it received over 15,000 shares and counting.

    "This is what you call 'Strong Priorities,'" Brinkley-Chapman wrote. "Contractions 3 minutes apart and still takes her Psychology Test! You are going to be a great Mom baby sis!"

    Middle Georgia State University confirmed to ABC News that Collins is a student at the college and completed the psychology exam.

    Hours later, Collins gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Tyler Elise, born 7 lbs., 10 oz.

    Collins said she'll be showing the picture to Tyler when she gets older and as for her education.

    "She has no excuse not to do her homework," Collins said, laughing. "None at all."
  2. Doc Duodenum

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    I saw this. This is disgusting on so many levels. It would be nice if there was a little intellectual honesty from professors, particularly underpaid, online adjuncts, that at the end of the day, if a student is late a day or two, it really doesn't matter. Hell, as long as a student is producing original work, let them be late a week. Life happens.

    This is not called strong priorities. This is called warped priorities. On the professor's level, for not being a human being and seeing that their test (which is probably canned and just from a test bank) is not worth the student stressing out over on what should have been an important day. For the student, who has been tricked into thinking that a degree is a golden ticket when it really is not (just ask some of those adjuncts who are making peanuts, but for some reason get all high and mighty and are willing to flunk students) and that this test MUST be done on her special day. I mean come on, Psychology is a fluff course/major. The student's effort should not suddenly turn from an A to a zero just because a day or two has elapsed.

    But yeah, keep making $1,500 a class, but being too good to pass along a student struggling with life if they are willing to do the work. A day late on my robo test (you can find the answers on the book's website anyway)? ZERO! That'll teach em.
  3. Randell1234

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    Who ever said the professor would not accept it late? How did you jump to that conclusion? Who's cup is half empty?
  4. SteveFoerster

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    :wtf: No kidding! He just basically made up things about which to be angry, then ranted about them.
  5. Doc Duodenum

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    I saw this on multiple teaching discussion cites/forums already. The "professors" at these places all stress "always on time, or zero," so they thought this article was the best thing since sliced bread as it fit in with their warped worldview. Nice to see you two are at least somewhat more sensible :)
  6. John Bear

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    She missed the opportunity to name the baby Excelsior Charteroak Collins.
  7. Neuhaus

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    My wife and I have decided that, if we have a third child, we are going wild with the name.

    Which one does everyone like best?

    1. University of Phoenix Neuhaus
    2. Doctor Neuhaus
    3. Master Chief Neuhaus (boy or girl)
    4. Frank Zappa Neuhaus (boy or girl)
    5. My Neuhaus
  8. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I worked with a guy when I did field service. The Field Service Engineers were really being pushed to sell PM kits for a particular unit. This guy was at the hospital because his wife was in labor. He had a chance to talk to the nurse manager between labor pains and sold a PM kit - how twisted is that!

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