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    I'm having trouble finding this information online, but can I use a DETC accredited degree (Columbia Southern University - or (ashworth college - and transfer the credits into an RA school like Excelsior College ( (or the big 3)? Will Upper Divison Credits transfer too? Right now I have two RA Accredited AA Degrees I need UD Credits and I'm wondering if these school will let me transfer them into there programs.


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    Excelsior will accept credits from NA schools if the courses hold ACE (american council on education) approval. I.E. many of American Military University's coures are ACE approved so Excelsior will accept them.

    A search of this board will also yield good results as several people have asked similar questions. Good luck!
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    saabsrule: "....can I use a DETC accredited degree (Columbia Southern University - or (ashworth college - and transfer the credits into an RA school like Excelsior College ( (or the big 3)? Will Upper Divison Credits transfer too?"

    Rich: Sometimes. You gotta ask the RA school you're interested in. I suspect around 40 percent of RA schools will consider it, a higher percentage among those schools focused on adult learners (UoP, Strayer, etc.)
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    May I also add Western Governors University.

    Initiate comunication with WGU, they are DETC accredited and
    RA accredited.
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    This may be more indirectly helpful or applicable than your direct question, but reading over the Cooperative and Articulation transfer agreement page on American Military University's web site (a DETC NA institution), at the bottom of the page they list numerous RA schools that either will accept or have in the past accepted AMU credits for transfer.

    Might be a good starting point in your own quest, and you can point to AMU as a precedent. Best of luck!

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    Link, please.

    The regionally-accredited Southwestern College of Winfield Kansas (SCKANS) will accept most DETC-accredited associates degrees, on their face, as meeting the entire lower-division component of most of its online bachelors degree programs... that is, as long as said associates is not an "associate of applied science"; and as long as said associates includes, at the dead minimum, "English Composition I" and "English Composition II," and "College Math" or "College Algebra" or courses perhaps dissimilarly-named, but which, upon review, clearly cover the same material.

    Whether SCKANS will accept a DETC-accredited bachelors into any of its online masters degree programs is another matter altogether. One would think it would, however there's language on the masters degree parts of its site which specifically require that requisite bachelors degrees be "regionally" accredited. That said, based on SCKANS's policies at the undergrad level, I believe it would be worth a DETC-accredited bachelor's degree holder applicant's time to challenge the SCKANS graduate school's "regional" reguirement, and ask for a waiver or to be admitted on probation or something like that.

    Before the forums at DegreeBoard ceased to exist, I think I recall someone there posting a lengthy list of regionally-accredited schools that would accept DETC-accredited coursework and/or degrees. Does anyone reading this happen to have that list, and could post it (or a link thereto) here?
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    this is the best I can do searching via google's cached pages.

    Hope it helps.


    I have received permission from Gizmo to post the list that he and Jay2 and Bush04 created on the subject of RA universities that accept DETC credits and degrees:

    1-University of Phoenix
    2-Walden University
    3-Oral Roberts University
    4-Capella University
    5-Jones International University
    6-University of Alabama
    7-Colorado State University
    8-Everett Community College
    9-Mount Ida College
    10-Lesley University
    11-Cheyney University
    12-Fox Valley Technical College
    13-Western Governors University
    14-Bellevue University, Nebraska
    15-Chattahooche Technical College
    16-British American College
    17-Mount Aloysius College
    18-Winona State College
    19-George C. Wallace Community College
    20-Sterling College
    21-Indiana State College
    22-Kansas State University
    23-DePauw University
    24-Northcentral University (Arizona)
    25-Northwest Christian College
    26-University of Wisconsin, Platteville
    27 Charter Oak (only if ACE approved)
    28-Harvard University, (DL ALB program)
    29-Liberty University
    30-University of North Alabama
    31-University of West Alabama
    32-American Indian University
    33-Cleveland State University
    34-South Dakota State University
    35-Upper Iowa University
    36-Union College, NE
    37-Ohio University
    38-York College
    39-Sul Ross State University
    40-Stayer University
    41-Trinity College
    42-Elon University
    43-Brigham Young (maybe)
    44-Oklahoma State University
    45-Baker College
    46-Touro College and TUI
    47-Argosy University
    48-Neumann College (liberal studies program)
    49-Roger Williams University (University College)
    50-Ottawa University (Kansas)
    51-American Military University (RA Candidate)
    52-American InterContinental University
    53. Heriot-Watt University
    54. Farleigh Dickinson University
    55. Kentucky State University

    This is a comprehensive and important list to DL. I am sure it will continue to expand as time goes on. Thanks again to Jay2, Bush04 and Gizmo for their efforts.
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    Minor (or perhaps not so minor) point of correction.

    These schools have a policy of considering the transfer of DETC credits and degrees.
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