DETC and Current Student Loan Repayment

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    I'm considering a DETC accredited school to complete my degree, but have student loans in repayment. Will they go into an in school deferment despite not being RA? DETC is approved by the DOE but I'm not confident that the loan servicer gave me the right answer.

    I'll be paying up front for the new school on a payment plan and can't afford both that and the monthly loan payments. I can definitely afford to pay at least the interest on the loans so they don't blow up on me upon completing this degree.

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    Hi Mollydog,

    It looks like the answer to your question is, "It depends".

    Students at Taft University are eligible: "Taft University students are eligible to defer repayment of existing federally insured student loans during their enrollment period with Taft."

    The same goes with Catholic Distance University:
    "Status as a Title VI eligible school also offers some students the option to defer federal education loan payments."


    Students at American Graduate University are not currently eligible for deferment:
    "AGU is presently not considered an eligible institution for Title IV (Federal Student Aid) purposes."

    Side-note: Taft does not currently participate in Title IV funds though they may be eligible for it which is why they can still do deferrals. I'm honestly not too sure on the intricacies of financial aid.

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