Dems fleeing to Canada!

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by jugador, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. jugador

    jugador New Member

  2. gkillion

    gkillion New Member

    Maybe Alec Baldwin will finally keep his promise.:rolleyes:
  3. Mr. Engineer

    Mr. Engineer member

    I am still waiting for Barbra Streisand to move - and take James with you.

    Of course, even Canada and France wouldn't want the self-rightout bitch (sorry, can't mince words -- have to tell it like it is!)
  4. Tom57

    Tom57 Member

    Talk about a serious brain drain. What would a country of nothing but Republicans be like? How long would it take them to realize that liberals are not the problem? Look at the electoral map and imagine no West Coast, New England, NY, Pennsylvania, and much of the Great Lakes states. All the good doctors, and artists, and engineers, and professors, and teachers, and scientists, and writers would be gone. You'd still have your reality TV I guess, but then your "real" reality would be worse. No more civilization. Scary.

    As Steve Allen used to say, all seriousness aside. You all need us, and we need you too.


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