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    Having looked at some of the material on the net about earning a degree by testing only, this seems very limited as to mostly Bachelor's level degrees in a very limited number of fields. I.E. There don't seem to be many different GRE /CLEP subject area tests. There are institutions that let you test out using their own tests, but these are usually only introductory courses, still somewhat limited by field, and not sufficient to build a full degree program.

    I was thinking of a second Bachelors using Excelsior, but after trying to understand the maze of procedures and possible costs, it looks like the testing route is only an option if you want a major in chemistry or a handful of other subjects.

    A law deree would be ideal, but I can't find any law program (however unconventional yet not a diploma mill)that allows testing out of courses. I don't desire to practice law but would like validation of independent study already done or done on my own to prepare for the tests validated by a degree.

    I am seeking a reasonably priced DL degree obtainable by testing only (with testing in the US). The institution may be domestic or foreign, accredited or not, but considered at least reasonably legitimate.

    I love learning and read a great deal on subjects that interest me at a fairly high level. My intention would be to study independently for exams, take the exams, and after passing get the degree.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I doubt you'd find a test-only law degree from anything approaching legitimacy in the US. Is there a reason why you're looking only at a DL degree via testing? There are unaccredited/California approved options that will grant a JD solely via DL. This would allow you to potentially practice in California but nowhere else. Do a search non-bar or non-ADA degrees on this site for more information.

    If you're stuck on the test-only option, a business degree is not only possible, but achievable. I'm only 12 credits short of my BS General Business from Excelsior and should be completed within 3 weeks. Starting from scratch in December, I've averaged something like 3 exams a month which is pretty feasible - others have done this much more quickly...check out for examples.

    You need to consider not only CLEP/GRE but also DANTES and ECE (Excelsior College Exams) and TECEPs (Thomas Edison State College exams).

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    You might want to look at the UOL external llb program. Link
    It can be completed in 2 years if you already have an undergrad degree, and it fits your exam only wish.

    Good luck.

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