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    Hello all, I'm really at a crossroads in life. I started college back in 01 at the University of Mississippi. After a complete mess while there, and after again returning for a couple of semesters at a satellite campus of theirs in 09 and 11, I am finally ready to finish a degree. My original major was Accounting, but I'm looking to complete with a MIS or CIS degree. I joined the Air Guard during the breaks, went to two technical colleges and work in maintenance which I am starting to hate. I would love to finish at my original school of Ole Miss, but it's near impossible to do that. In the meantime I just got an evaluation by TESC and according to them only need about 13 classes to finish their CIS program. I also applied to Columbia College and figure I would need around the same there. Personally, is either of these two schools worth having a degree from? I know I'll never get into a great Masters program with either one, but I would like to eventually also pursue a Masters in MIS or CIS. So I wonder if having a degree from here in the next year is even worth getting or should I be on another 10 year plan and try to finish at the original school which as I noted would take around another 5 years.
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    I finished my Bachelor's degree at Charter Oak State College, which is conceptually pretty similar to TESC, and I got into a great school for my Master's degree. If your grades are good near the end of your program, and your test scores are good, then you can still get into a lot of places for graduate study.
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    Your grades and test scores are more important than the school you graduated from.

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