Degree roadmap for TESC Bachelor of Liberal Studies

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    Here are the credits and courses I've completed so far. Could anyone give me a short list of the tests I would need to complete this degree quickly?

    I've completed the CLEP english composition for 6 credits

    I've completed these courses at Western Governors University
    Principles of Management (4)
    Communications Foundations (2)
    Language and Communication: Essay (2)
    Fundamentals of Business Law and Ethics (6)
    Integrated Natural Science (4)
    Ethical Situations in Business (3)
    Quantitative Literacy: College Algebra, Measurement, and Geometry (3)
    Quantitative Literacy: Statistics, Probability, and Problem Solving (3)
    Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and Leadership (4)
    Reasoning and Problem Solving (3)
    Integrated Natural Science Applications (4)
    Fundamentals of Economics , Global Business and Quantitative Analysis (4)
    Literature, Arts and the Humanities: Analysis and Interpretation (2)
    Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Communication (6)
    Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting and Information Technology (6)
    Leadership Concepts and Applications (4)
    Quality, Operations and Decision Science Concepts (8)
    Strategy, Change and Organizational Behavior Concepts (7)

    I've completed these courses at Georgia Military College:
    American Government (5 quarter hours)
    Introductory Psychology (5 quarter hours)
    Western Civilization (5 quarter hours)

    I've completed these courses at Wiregrass Technical College (formerly Valdosta Technical College)
    Business Math (3)
    Intro to Marketing (3)
    Fundamentals of Selling (3)

    And finally, I've completed the following FEMA EMI courses
    IS-208a State Disaster Management
    IS-802 Emergency Support Function (ESF) #2 Communications
    IS-702a NIMS Public Information Systems
    IS-701 NIMS Multiagency Coordination System (MACS)
    IS-242a Effective Communication
    IS-703 NIMS Resource Management
    IS-704 NIMS Communications and Information Management
    IS-706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid an Introduction
    IS-01 Emergency Program Manager
    IS-240a Leadership and Influence
    IS-139 Exercise Design

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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