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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a decision to make on the path that I take. I am currently working on a Bachelor's program in I.T. Management (61 credits needed) that does not have much technical skills as part of the program. I don't feel that this will help me in trying to obtain and work my way up in the I.T. job market. I am trying to decide on leaving this program and finishing my Associate degree in Computer Information Systems (15 credits needed), moving into a better fit Bachelor program, and/or working on certifications. After the Associate's I would work and complete my bachelor's degree. Which path would be better to gain entry into an I.T. career?

    Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it! I keep trying to make a decision but am having trouble deciding.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Colleges and Universities only teach you theories, and you don't learn any technical side of it. Unless you attend vocational/technical schools such as ITT, and local training classroom with handle on router, switches, systems, and etc.

    I would recommend you to complete your Bachelor degree. Most of the IT fields require Industrial certification (i.e: Cisco, Microsoft, RedHat, LPIC, CISSP, EMC, ITIL, and etc), and experiences. Therefore, you should focus on these certifications on the side, and have an entry level job.
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    Thank you for the reply Tekman! My program does not teach the theories that many programs do. We cover systems analysis and some hardware/software. There is no programming or web development, etc. Would it be best to finish this program and do the certifications or move over to a new program with more computer theory and do the certifications?

    Thanks again!

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