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    Hi there,

    First, I would like to start out this post by thanking all the contributors and community of this forum. In the not too distant future, when time becomes a luxury I can indulge in, I will definitely pay it forward on this forum or somewhere.

    That being said, I have about 36 post-secondary credits from Athabasca University (none have been tested out), and the monotony and the debt is escalating and starting to really annoy! It's more complicated than that, but essentially my children live in Bolivia with their mother, and the sooner I can get this degree, the sooner I can be FREE and MOBILE to get a job Teaching English in Bolivia, to be close to them.

    In any case, for personal and economic reasons, I'm looking to test out the rest of my degree with one of the big three.

    That being said, I was hoping there was some kind, experienced, fellow scholar out there, that knew of CLEP, DSST, ACE, ECE or TECEP courses (lower level and upper level), that would allow someone to test out 90 credits. While that's relatively simple information to attain if one was alright with attaining a degree in Business Administration, I was really hoping to get TEST information for a Bachelors in Psychology or English or Education.

    So, that's my question:

    Does anyone have a 2016 or 2017 Bachelor Degree Plan to TEST OUT for a Psychology or English Major at one of the big three?

    I should mention, that I'm on the verge of indulging in Jay Cross and DIY Degree... :p
  2. AsianStew

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    Did you take any other courses other than the ones you mentioned at Athabasca?
    Those courses there are expensive! I remember looking them up a dozen or so years ago.
    Have you read the Beginners Guide? I had a template for TESU BA Psychology.

    You can check out the template spreadsheets I have on my dropbox and read the wiki.
    Reply & PM me the list of courses you have taken at all colleges/universities and at Athabasca.
    You may be better off with a BALS (English Lit/Psychology concentrations). I have both templates!
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  4. pfeffer88

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    Hey Stew,

    Thanks for responding!

    Yeah, courses cost $800 usd each (or $1000 cad) at Athabasca now... No comment!

    Okay cool! Will check out, I don't know how to use drop box. It's the one platform that has always incredibly frustrated me! Is there a link for the wiki? Yeah, English Lit/Psych. concentration is fine! I'm really not picky!

    So I don't have my exact transcript, but this is more or less what my credits are:

    1. English 200 course - 3 credits
    2. English 200 course - 3 credits
    3. English 200 course - 3 credits
    4. English 200 course - 3 credits
    5. English 300? course - 3 credits
    6. Spanish 200 course - 3 credits
    7. Spanish 200 course - 3 credits
    8. Education 200 course- 3 credits
    9. Education 200 course - 3 credits
    10. Sub-Mortgage brokers business course - 3-6 credits?
    11. 140 hour TEFL course recognized for credit - 3 credits

    *There may be 1 or 2 courses that I'm missing, as I applied for Previous Learning Assessment Recognition, and scanned and photocopied a bunch of certificates and licenses, including lifeguard courses.

    ONE really big question. And I really appreciate the help Stew! I will be more than happy to throw a few hundred bucks your way. But I'm worried about the PSYCHOLOGY or ENGLISH LIT. CONCENTRATION DEGREE PLAN might be outdated? I mean, don't these CLEP, DSST and TECEP courses change year to year?

    That's why I was tempted to work with Jay Cross (DIY DEGREE), since it's something he's selling, he'll keep on top of it with TESU admissions and such.

    That being said, indeed you can check the TESU website DSST and CLEP equivalents.... So... yeah, my question is kind of irrelevant then.... Okay....It's just that, some of you older guys that have done this years had it different and easier. There's no more GRE credit anymore. There's no more ALEKS credit anymore...

    Anyway... Yeah :p

    Thanks AsianStew! (Can I call you Stew? :p )

    Talk soon,
  5. pfeffer88

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    Hi Msganti,

    Thanks for the wiki link. How much do things change in every 1-2 years?

    While TESU has DSST and CLEP comparables (or transfer comparables) listed on their website, I'm just curious how much of an impact the changing policies have on students that are earning credit through CLEP AND DSST EXAMS.

    My biggest concern, I guess is:

    What are upper level Psychology courses that allow for either a "Major" or a "Concentration." DSST has very little...


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