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    Hello everybody,

    I am looking through the threads over the last days, but did not really found an answer.

    My current situation:
    German, living in Brazil, working in financial controlling, planning, analysis and pricing at a subsidiary of a German multinational industrial company. I did a MBA in Entrepeneurship from the University of Liverpool (Online). I also obtained several certificates from Coursera. Therefore I know the blackboard, weekly submission/discussion delievery form as well as through video + quizzes.

    My future:
    Im a currently trying to move out of industry into consulting, and in the medium term future (3 years) I will move back to an English-speaking country, preferably the US. Therefore focus on degree from US-schools.

    My doubts are:
    1. Phd/DBA or Masters? I do NOT want to teach, but in Germany it is quite common that at partner level you see a lot of PhDs - Is that common in the US as well, or is a doctorate mostly an academic degree? I am aware that these are 2 completely beasts, (research vs. thaught, 2 vs 5 years etc.), so I would like to understand how the perception of this degree in the US is.
    2. Is it frowned upon to first do a MBA and afterwards a specialized master?
    3. For a non US-resident you have Harvard, MIT & Stanford. If someone is interested in education he might have heard of the Ivy League (Slight exaggeration). Therefore it is hard for me to determine the "brand recognition" of non-Top10 schools. So I would not look for the cheapest and fastest, but for the most prestigous degree. I came across Michigan State University ( and Penn State ( They both seem interesting. Any other suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance,

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