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  1. Disciple

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  2. jerryclick

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    ILUVIT! My Bulldog is now a "Doctor of Edjacution!"
    That's ok, he's also an ordained minister!
  3. drwetsch

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    At one time an outfit similar to this allowed you to download their software and hence add your own schools, signatures, and pictures. I downloaded the stuff and am ready to go into business.;)

  4. Disciple

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    Do you know where you can download it?
  5. Disciple

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  6. roysavia

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    Master of Blind Ambition :D
  7. drwetsch

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    Hey WOW! They have the "Super Diploma Template." The complete diploma mill and transcript software package for only $8.

    Glad you found a link -- I no longer have mine.

    With this software one can now plaster their walls with degrees. Just don't put them on your resume or try to use them as real degrees but be sure to use high quality paper to make them suitable for framing.:D

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  8. Maybe next they'll come up with their own Accrediting Agency Template for a mere extra $5 that allows you to come up with printouts from great-looking and official-sounding organizations that "validate" your newly minted degree (apostilles naturally also available for an extra $200).

    Why be limited to an unaccredited template when you can get "official approval" from such bodies as:

    American Association of Inkjet Accreditation

    Department of Distance Learning and Printing [Liberia]

  9. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    Congratulations Jerry! You can now add his picture to the faculty site of SRU.

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