Degree confurral and transcript acceptance

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  1. eilla05

    eilla05 New Member

    This might not be the best place to place this question so mods please move if need be!

    I am finishing up my Bachelors in Human Service from Ottawa University via distance learning in 8 weeks. I was hoping to start my Masters in Administration of Justice with a concentration in Criminal behavior via distance learning from Wilmington University. However I incorrectly assumed that my degree would be conferred much faster than it is going to be! My advisor just informed my that it is not going to be conferred until May 15th, 2010.

    I was hoping to start my Masters March 7th, 2010. I am wondering if any of you have had experience with being allowed to start your Masters program without your degree being conferred? I have spoken with my advisor and she did indicate that the registrar at the university would be more than happy to send Wilmington University a statement stating that I have indeed completed the requirements for my degree but that it would not be officially conferred until May.

    I am currently awaiting a call WU on if the will accept the above and let me start in March...

    Any one have any experience with this?

    Im a little annoyed to say the least as I was hoping to start in March and not have to wait until June! The reason I don't want to wait is that we are going to be a big move (possibly from MO to CA) in July or early August and I was hoping to be into a routine in my Masters level classes, if this make any sense!
  2. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    I would be more than annoyed I would be pissed! Thats a long a wait. I'm sure as long as you have all your course work completed they will let you start.
  3. eilla05

    eilla05 New Member

    That is what I am hoping! I called 2 days ago to WU and still no call back but I am giving them the benfit of the doubt because it has been holiday and such and I am moving tomorrow so I figure if I don't get a call back on Monday I am going to be calling back and demanding to speak to someone right then an there!

    It is a long wait but I am wondering how normal it is? I hope others chime in!
  4. JBjunior

    JBjunior Active Member

    It shouldn't be a problem. They will probably need something on school letterhead stating that the degree was completed on a certain date and that conferral will be pending on a certain date. That along with an official transcript should take care of everything.
  5. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    Well the only experience I have is with AJU. Once you complete all the courses they do a final review and the first part of the next month they place your order to the printer, by the end of the same month you have your degree. But you are considered graduated as soon as the final review is completed. MC just arned his AA from EC, I don't remember how long it took him.
  6. funInSun45

    funInSun45 New Member

    Call the registrar's office, most schools are willing to write a letter of completion for you as soon as your grades post. You should call ASAP even if your grades haven't posted yet, as a lot of people are in a similar situation. Like JBjunior said, this along with an OFFICIAL transcript should be fine.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It is more annoyed that you're speaking about the past. Do you meant 2011 'cause I am confused.:smokin:
  8. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Many graduate schools allow you to take a certain number of courses informally before you enroll. I did this at CSUDH through their Open University option - I took what I thought would be the two hardest courses just to see if I could handle the work.
  9. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Most colleges will issue you what is called a "Letter of Qualification". This is written on college letterhead and can be used as proof. It is up to the graduate school to accept it. Second option is as mentioned by Ian; many graduate schools accept you conditionally. That means, they will allow you to take few courses until the hold is removed. Like i said it is totally up to the graduate school.
  10. eilla05

    eilla05 New Member

    Sorry yes I meant 2011! I am moving today and last night was crazy!

    Thanks Ian, Rohan and funinthesun! I will give them a call today on my 2 hour drive for the move ;)
  11. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    March 7, 2010 and May 15, 2010 are both in the past now.
  12. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    My final credits were earned in June. My degree completion date was set in July, but conferral date was not until October. My advisor's at EC told me that it was completely proper to list the degree on my resume before conferral, since it WAS completed, just that they hadn't printed the diploma- a mere formality. I wasn't applying to grad school, however, so I don't know how that would work out.

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