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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by George Brown, Nov 23, 2005.

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    Lordy Lordy.... Consumer Reports for mills?

    Click on the Accreditation link and read what's there.

  3. JamesK

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    One could probably guess by the nature of the reviews. I could only see a single positive review.

    Much more ranting within the blog.

    One choice quote is
    Golly, I didn't know that the QAA reviewed the works of Almeda, it was a recognised body and had about a score of royal charters (including constituent colleges, each of which is a listed body). Fancy that!
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    Poor, pathetic Roachville couldn't even pass this sorry report.

    Editor in FAQ section
    Uhh please don't. We've seen how credible your research efforts are.
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    Incidentally, Almeda actually links to degreeadvice.

    Note that it was found buried in a page congratulating me on degree approval - payment is the only stage left before receiving the degree (which will never be sent, the payment that is). It was near automatic approval - I certainly didn't have to do anything like the person mentioned in their blog (under John Bear Almeda University review).


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