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    Ok, I know nothing about computers, but am doing a search for my husband who wants to use his GI Bill. He has no previous college credits, so he would be starting out fresh. He is currently working in the IT field and he wants to pursue a BS degree in IT, wanting one from a decent, reputable school that is also not high in tuition. He also prefers schools that are "application based" such as UOP, but not as high priced. I know that RA is the way to go. Can anyone help me out? I've been busy myself looking for a good school to finish up and earn my BS Business/Finance. If I can at least get some input on good IT programs out there for my hubby, that will at least lighten my load since I'm doing searches for myself. Help!


    *Or even if there are schools/programs out there that I should definitely AVOID, please let me know!
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    The IT field covers a lot of turf. Can you narrow the focus to IS, IM, CIS, MIS or particular areas. Many folks have posted (use the search function) of the relative merits of various schools and programs.
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    I looked at UMass Lowell a while back and liked their program.

    They offer BS IT online.
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    You might both want to consider some "testing out" in your degree plans as that can lighten both your time and financial loads. Mr. Lawrie Miller has provided what is probably the best site to peruse for info on testing out -BA in 4 Weeks

    Please note that the "4 Weeks" describes a possibility rather than an expectation. Note as well the three schools highlighted in the left panel.
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    For IT Univ of Mass. Lowell
    For Computer Science ( more utility than IT) Troy State University
    For Business there hundreds of choices. My preference would lilkely be in-state university that also has a b and m campus that I could CLEP out of the first two years at.
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    It would be MIS. And thank you to all who have responded! It is much appreciated!
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    Troy State was pretty helpful w/ setting up the GI Bill payments for me (then again, I am sure a lot of schools do the same). Also, your husband may have enough military training to satisfy a minor in military science (Depending how many ACE evaluated military work/courses he has). My MOS/training satisfied the minor and the elective credit slot required for the BSCS.

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