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    If someone is committed to lifelong learning and professional development, and earns an advanced degree, I believe they are perfectly entitled to display it appropriately. I believe the assertion that doing so reflects "insecurity" actually reveals a certain biased viewpoint on the part of anyone making such a baseless claim. Attaining an advanced degree inevitably is reason for pride of accomplishment and recognition of same. So yes, although I am a chief operating officer, have enjoyed a focused, progressive, and very successful career, I do, nonetheless, put my highest degree on my business card. The purpose of completing course work, a comprehensive exam, a proposal, a doctoral project, and making all the attendant sacrifices is, in the final analysis, hardly to conceal one's earned credentials.

    David A. April
    BA, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    MBA, Boston College
    ACM, Boston College
    DBA, California Pacific University
    CAM, Institute of Certified Professional Managers
    CM, Institute of Certified Professional Managers
    CRM, Institute of Certified Records Managers
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    I guess we can agree to respectfully disagree. I know few people would go through all the work you mentioned above just to conceal "one's earned credentials". However, I sincerely doubt many people went through that same amount of work to publicly display the same.

    Anyone that claims their viewpoint is not biased is most likely stretching reality. A common point in this thread is the pride one has in an advanced degree. In my opinion, pride is a poor reason to do anything in business. In my experience, vanity wears off with age.
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    I sat through a hearing the other day involving an Ed.D. He actually SIGNS HIS NAME as "Dr. John Smith, Ed.D." whether he's communicating personally OR professionally. He signs his CHECKS that way. For all I know, he signs his LOVELETTERS that way. :D

    In my (limited) experience, this nonsense is pretty well confined to doctors in education. Don't know why.
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    Dr. So and So

    Recently the department I teach in hired an adjunct. She introduced herself as "Dr. so and so." I looked at her and said, "You gotta be kidding me." She didn't get it. Oh joy.


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