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  1. dawnlanore

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    I just wanted to give all those that had given me advice on my situation, an update:
    I recently found out that each Art Institute is its own entity. For example, I graduating from AI of Pittsburgh now am a "not so proud" owner of an AS from a NA school. The lucky dogs who hold a degree from AI of Florida are truely proud to have a degree from an RA school. Who knew??
    Anyway, this may give me a few more eggs in my basket so to speak. Although, I'm a little tainted that NONE of the Florida RA schools I so desperetely tried to apply gave me any of this information which was most probably at their fingertips.
    Another two lights at the end of the tunnel have turned out to be UMass Lowell and DePaul School for New Learning (basically their DL program). I have gotten the green light out of the gate, that AIP credits will transfer....I have had copies of my transcript sent to each school and will see what transpires ..if anything.
    Thats about it for now...good day and thanks for all that took the time to give me advice!!!
  2. Mary A

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    Good luck as you work your way through the process, and more importantly as you begin your next adventure in higher education. Glad that you have found some options that will work for you.

    Best of luck,
  3. dawnlanore

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    thank you for the nice note Mary.

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