Dantes test (Here is to your Health)

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  1. HMHO

    HMHO New Member

    I need help. I am taking Dantes test (Here is to your Health) this saturaday 09/08/01 and I ordered a book online so far I have not received. Did any one took this test and if so can you let me know where I can buy the book or study material.

  2. slappy

    slappy New Member

    Both my wife and I have taken this test and no study was required. I wouldn't sweat it. Not a difficult test at all.
  3. Traci

    Traci New Member

    I have to agree. I did not study for this exam, and I passed.By far the easiest Dantes exam out there. Do a search on alt.dist.education(aed)form(now Google) and do a search, everyone had the same experience.
    Piece of cake,don't worry.

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