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    Ok, Here is the deal, I want to get college credit for Economics, US Government, some kind of math, and Psychology.

    I am not too interested in getting too much out of my studies, I just want to pass the tests to get the credit (Hey, At least I am being honest, right?)

    OK, so for these subjects, are Dantes or Cleps EASIER??

    What about study guides online that can help me Dump the material and get it memorized so I can pass the tests without spending months and months of time studying (I know I must sound so lazy, etc, but I am trying to be honest)

    So, what do you guys recommend for getting these subjects out of the way and what study guides should I use for maximum speed and passing?

    How often can you take a dantes or clep if you fail one? is there a wait period?

    Thanks for answering my VERY honest questions!
  2. CoachTurner

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    I always found the DANTES to be a bit easier than the CLEP as a generalization.

    But, I've found wider acceptability of CLEP for transfer.

    That's just my thoughts though....
  3. I'd say that some of the upper level courses like Finance or Money & Banking are harder than the hardest CLEP...at the lowest end DANTES Here's To Your Health is probably the easiest of all of them (CLEP AND DANTES).

  4. Guest

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    I found the tests to be about the same in difficulty. DANTES however are not timed and I seemed to do better perhaps because I was more relaxed.Cliff notes and Barron's EZ101 were the guides I typically used. If you fail there is a 6 month waiting period.
  5. firstmode4c

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    What are some of the easiest Clep's and Dantes to take with someone who has a broad High School education and a lot of Technical College coursework done?

    I also have college level english, Western Civ I and II, World Religions, Etc, already completed.
  6. bceagles

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    What should I study for world religions? How tuff of an exam is it?

    I took a bunch of Dantes exams in a short amount of time with Little or no study! I'm a little scared to take my first Clep, creature of Habit!
  7. firstmode4c

    firstmode4c Member

    hmm, sorry, I took the classes mentioned in college already, I had not tried those in any for credit tests yet. sorry for the misunderstanding
  8. It's really relative and dependent on the individual, but I'd say for the average person with technical knowledge:


    - DANTES Here's To Your Health
    - CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
    - either Computing exam


    - CLEP Humanities
    - CLEP Principles of Management

    Also, if you know Spanish, French or German definitely take the CLEP - an easy way to rack up 6 (or 12) credits in a single exam.

    This is totally subjective - I found certain exams very easy while others didn't, and probably vice-versa. I'll say that Principles of Finance was my most difficult DANTES or CLEP. CLEP Macro/Microeconomics and Accounting were challenging, but not in a sense where I got stressed out about them.

  9. Papa Georgia

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    I have taken 14 CLEP exams and only two Dantes. I didn't notice any difference in the level of difficulty. I much prefer CLEP because you get your score immediately. With Dantes it normally takes about four weeks.
  10. CoachTurner

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    exam pass rates as an indicator of relative ease...

    Some months back I took a look at some stats for the CLEP and DANTES exams looking at pass rates among military personnel. A pass rate higher than 50% means that half or more who sat the exam passed it.

    One could assume (though not with true validity) that tests with the highest pass rate are easier. It is posisble though that people taking these simply study harder than those taking others...

    The tests toward the top of each list had the highest pass rates and would therefor (based on bad logic) be easier.

    Following are in order high to low...

    Of the CLEP Subject exams, these have a military pass rate of 50% or higher:

    Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (6)
    Freshman College Comp. (6)
    Principles of Management (3)
    Information Systems and Computer Apps. (3)

    Of the DANTES subjects, far more have a pass rate over 50%:
    (all 3 hours)

    Princ. of Public Speaking
    Intro to Computing
    Technical Writing
    Intro to Business
    Management Information Systems
    Here's to Your Health
    Business Mathematics
    Principles of Supervision
    Human Resource Management
    Intro to Law Enforcement
    Intro to World Religions
    Ethics in America
    Environment and Humanity
    Personal Finance
    Foundations of Education
    Criminal Justice
    Introduction to the Modern Middle East
    Fundamentals of Counseling

    Of the CLEP general exams, the following have a pass rate above 50%:

    Natural Sciences (6)

    all others are under 35%

    The following ECE exams had a military pass rate under 50% (all the others were over 50%:
    (in no order)

    Life Span Dev. Psych.
    World Population
    Human Resource Management
    Organizational Behavior


    These are military pass rates and some are influenced by military training and experience in the subject area. For example -- the middle east test may be higher because this is an area of high interest to military personnel. Supervision and management may be higher because this is an area of training for military personnel.

    Happy testing....
  11. firstmode4c

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    OK, coach, I have a question. You learned which ones have more than a 50% pass rate because you must have seen the pass rates... so How many have higher than 50 percent pass rates? Which ones have hardly anyone failing them?

    Yes I know, this is so lazy and awful, but I want some EASY EASY credits!
  12. CoachTurner

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    all of those listed under CLEP and DANTES above have a higher than 50% pass rate and they are listed in descending order so that the first exam listed under each has the highest pass rate.

    Those over 75% are:

    Intro to Computers is 84%
    Princ. of Public Speaking 84%
    Introduction to Business 78%
    Technical Writing 78%
    Management Information Systems 75%

    lowest - Money and Banking 11%

    CLEP Subject
    Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 69%
    lowest - History of the US I 21%

    CLEP General
    Natural Science 56%
    lowest - English Composition 28%

    many are above 75%
    following are above 90%

    Religions of the World 96%
    English Composition 94%
    Statistics 94%
    Nursing Concepts 5 93%
    Health Support B 92%
    Health Support A 91%

    Life Span Development Psych 28%
    Organizational Behavior 28%

    This tends to support that, between CLEP and Dantes, the DANTES exams are generally easier than the CLEP or that the DANTES takers have better prepared than the CLEP takers.

    Using the same rationalle (which is definately faulted); the ECE are easier than either or the ECE takers have better prepared than the others.

    Some exams are not included in these pass rate numbers - I don't know why. That means that if a test is not included in my posts that the pass rate may be higher or lower than 50% - I simply didn't consider the data.

    This is based only on the military pass rates I reviewed and does not take into account such important considerations as test preparation, testing conditions, individual experiences, military common experiences, or any number of other things that would make this a valid study of "which test is easier" -- this then is merely anectdotal evidence to help some students decide which exams might fit their plans better than others.

    I HAVE NOT taken all of these exams but have taken more than a few...
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  13. anthonym

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    Dantes offers free study material that includes recommended texts for each test. Clep, however, lets you know your score as soon as you complete the test, which helps you plan if you are in a hurry to graduate. Dantes makes you wait for a grade in the mail.
  14. SteveFoerster

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    And that's why I took nothing but CLEP -- slightly cheaper and no waiting. Also, I found the questions in the ten dollar study guide downloadable from CLEP's web site were a reasonable indicator of how I would do on the real thing.

  15. Guest

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    I liked both but preferred DANTES because it was not timed although it is nice to know right away. Took 16 CLEPS and 6 DANTES but only because DANTES weren't available to the unenrolled until recently in San Diego (now at UOP). DANTES has upper level but not CLEP which helps greatly when going the testing route.
  16. firstmode4c

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    WOW, great info, gives me some good ideas!

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