Dakota State or UMBC for MSIS?

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  1. botrain

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    Hello all,

    I am a senior entering my final semester of a Business Administration/MIS Bachelor's at Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA. I am now looking into Master's programs in Information Systems to continue my education.

    I have been searching schools relentlessly, and my search has led me to Dakota State and UMBC for their respective online MSIS programs. Both programs have peaked my interest. Cost is a factor for me but it isn't the end-all; quality of education is the most important. Dakota State is definitely cheaper than the program at UMBC. I wish to become an IT manager in the future but my ultimate goal is to teach. My PhD is probably coming down the road, as well.

    Has anybody here attended either of these programs? From your experiences or from what others say, which do you recommend? I appreciate all responses as I continue my search for the perfect graduate program!


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    I have either experience of these institution; however, I would choose DSU for costs factor. However, I would choose Brandeis University or Johns Hopkins University over UMBC.
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    Not a response to your inquiry, but my recollection is; Lock Haven University (PA) offers the only U.S. online MEd in Alternative Education that is also NCATE accredited. In fact, this may be the only U.S. based MEd with an alternative education concentration ... be it traditional or online delivered. alte
  4. botrain

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    major56 - Lock Haven's education programs are top notch both undergrad and graduate. The school gets knocked a lot by students but they produce great teachers. I think the online grad degrees are growing in popularity at LHU and you make a very interesting point with your post. Neat stuff!

    I live in Central PA and plan to stay here to work. Probably in the State College/Altoona Area. Would the degree from UMBC have better name recognition in this part of the country over the degree from DSU? Does that really matter?
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  5. major56

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    Considering the two, I don’t believe either would have any more or less name recognition than the other. And as you already know, DSU tuition is less than that of UMBC. I’m sure either program should serve your educational purpose.
  6. botrain

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    Thank you for your post, major. I appreciate any advice I can get!
  7. botrain

    botrain New Member

    I'm also looking at MBA programs a little as well. I'd prefer one with a technology concentration. For a future career in managing an IT department and probably teaching down the road, would the MSIS or MBA serve me better in anyone's opinion?

    I'm still taking opinions on deciding between UMBC and DSU! Any input is truly appreciated :)
  8. dlcurious

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    Have you checked out the MS in MIS program at the University of Illinois - Springfield? Last I checked grad tuition at DSU ran $343 a credit hour, at UIS it was around $306. There were a couple hundred bucks in fees per semester. I completed this program fall 2010 and was very happy with it. Total cost out of pocket, for tuition / fees / books / proctor fees was around $14.5k.
  9. botrain

    botrain New Member

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll read up on it!
  10. major56

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  11. funInSun45

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    No bad choices

    You have no bad choices, but UMBC's cost is so above-and-beyond relative to its value that I know of no one going for that degree that doesn't have some sort of employer assistance. Their $770/credit cost makes them only about $1100 less expensive for the total degree as the JHU program since UMBC requires 12 classes versus Hopkins' 10. If you are willing to pay that price, I'd go with a higher-tier school.

    About $300-$500/credit is a good middle-of-the-road public university cost, and Dakota State sounds nice. If you're a Maryland resident, I'd also look at University of Maryland University College. If you're in the DC area and willing to pay a bit more, I'd look at Capitol College. If it were my choice, I would probably go with that UI program.
  12. botrain

    botrain New Member

    Thank you for your input! I am beginning to collect that there is no real advantage of the UMBC program over that of Dakota State's. The only thing that it would do for me is put me further into debt than the Dakota State program would!

    The University of Illinois - Springfield MIS degree intrigues me as well. I may apply there too just to have another option. I'm the kind of guy that can never have too many options!
  13. major56

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  14. Note that the MS MIS degree is also AACSB-accredited.

    MIS: AACSB Accreditation
  15. OSU looks good if you're in-state or active duty military ($250-295/credit hour). It's $700+ if you don't meet either of these criteria, a bit expensive.
  16. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Less than University of Maryland Baltimore College (UMBC) non programmatic accredited program at $777 /CH; and Oklahoma State would IMO have more name recognition and is through the OSU School of business making it an AACSB accredited degree program.

    The Dakota State online program is less than both (OSU and UMBC) at $343.75 /CH; its program is accredited through ACBSP not AACSB. Creighton if highest at $957 /CH and its business degrees are also AACSB; however, I don’t believe the MSITM is taken through the business school (?).
  17. botrain

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    Thank you for mapping out a few of those programs' tuition fees. I definitely agree that if I was to go with UMBC that the Oklahoma State program would be a much smarter option due to the AACBS Accreditation and name recognition. This is the first I have heard of the program at Oklahoma State. Thanks for the info major and guitarmark!

    I'm glad that I came here for some information. I came in to the site all excited about UMBC's offerings and then uncovered so many other great programs with you guys' help. Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you have unearthed for me. This website is an invaluable resource for people like me.

    I think that I have gathered that when stacked up against other competition, the UMBC program is truly not for me. It costs an arm and a leg and offers no programmatic accreditation when compared to other schools. I'm definitely actively looking into the Dakota State program and even the UIS program, too. I am in the process of getting my materials together for DSU admission as I type.

    I am still open to opinions on any of the schools with MSIS or similar degree offerings, though! Keep it coming! Anybody currently enrolled at DSU or UIS?
  18. major56

    major56 Active Member

    For the money, the Dakota State program still looks like a fine option …
  19. commserver

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    The issue is whether you want to stay technical. I went to a school that offered both MBA with computer information systems specialization and MS in computer methodology (a hybrid of both computer science and computer information systems). I am more interested in technical so I got MS. I work for managers who are technical and have technical degrees.
  20. botrain

    botrain New Member

    Dakota State!

    I believe that I have chosen Dakota State for my MS degree!

    I have submitted my application materials and my admission is conditional upon my Bachelor's degree completion in May. Thank you all very much for all of the guidance and help while I weeded through schools. You're the best!

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