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  1. Frangop

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    Curtin University is definately an ACCREDITED and respectable institution.

    I am not sure what to make of the article re. Singaporean student.

    However, considering that an Australian undergraduate degree usually requires the successful completion of 24 subjects/unit, and each unit consists of 2-3 major assignments and 1 exam (24 units X 3 assignments & exams = 72 assignments/exams) showing some flexibility due to genuine hardship for 1 out of approx. 72 completed tasks, I believe, that it does not constitute discreditable academic standards.

  2. George Brown

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    Also, if it was the students last subject to complete her degree, some leniency is extended...hard to determine in this case.

    However, I know in my institution, it would be instant suspension from studies, no questions asked.



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