Currently getting information technology degree at 2 year college;need 4 year advice

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    I narrowed down my 4 year program to Dunwoody's School of Technology's computer systems analysis BSCA degree. It is a short bus/car ride from my house and is priced competitively at 352 bucks a credit. I found it because the school is listed as having low teacher/student ratios. I can't find any info on accreditation and don't know if that is needed for an IT degree. I believe it is a locally respected Tech School. This would be an IT degree but I dont really know what I would be doing. if someone wants to tell me what I would be doing and if it's worth it I have listed the description with a PDF link to the classes I would probably be taking. Thanks

    Dunwoody College of Technology

    ps. I guess it is accredited by the higher learning association. Don't know what that is.

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    The Higher Learning association I believe is a regional accreditation. A BSCA degree is a Bachelor of Science and Arts degree. I really don't know from what reading the blurb if the degree is any good though.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Dunwoody College of Technology is accredited by Northcentral HLC; a regional accredited agency.
    URL Record: The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association

    $352/credit is quite expensive for an undergraduate degree from a not well known institution. Honestly, I have never heard of the school before until now.

    My recommendation to you is Western Governors University and Fort Hays State University. College degree is only good if it has good return-on-investment.
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    It pretty much has to be this school due to it's closeness, and ease of bussing, plus it has ample parking. Its known for small class size. I have a kid so I can't relocate. I have posted elsewhere and said that the curriculum is suitable for IT management. The cheapest I can go to is Metropolitan University at 220$ a credit but its in an inconvenient location. The U of M would be easy for me to get to but is 460$ a credit. It seems like there is some duplication of classes. I am headed over there Monday to see what classes will transfer.
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    The universities that TEKMAN recommended are fully online degrees not a physical location which seems to be convenient for you. You should check out online degrees they are very convenient and most known universities have distance learning available which is much more flexible for anyone's schedule. Just stick to Universities that are not for profit and that they are regionally accredited.There may be universities in your area that offer online degrees and you wont even have to pay out of state tuition in most. Check it out, online learning is a great advantage and convenience, i myself am a long way from home with a military lifestyle and i am doing my degree completely online and honestly i wouldn't have it any other way.
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    As far as what Dunwoody is known for; for forever its been a two year, private nonprofit tech school. I guess in 1995 they changed their name to Dunwoody school of Technology and started offering bachelor programs. It is very well respected as a tech school but probably isnt well known as a 4 year college. It has less than 1000 students and supposedly has well qualified teachers with good teacher/student ratio. Metropolitan college used to be known as general college and probably would not be a very prestigous degree but would be easier to get.

    I will check out one of these other schools since I do not currently have a way to fully fund Dunwoody. I am currently on VRAP and after that will have to rely on Pell Grants and subsidised student loans plus any scholarships I can get. So far I am getting A's. Let me know if you know of any colleges offering decent scholarship opportunities. On another site I have heard from people looking at the curriculum at Dunwoody saying that it looks good general education for IT.
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