Current Status of Adam Smith University - Liberia

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    This is a quote and a copy of the letter posted on another site.
    I don't know if this is real.


    I am very pleased to be able to forward a letter sent from the Liberian Ministry of Education to Adam Smith University of Liberia, received Saturday September 17th.

    Letterhead National Commission of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Office of the Director General

    To Whom it May Concern
    Subj: Current Status of Adam Smith University

    The National Commission on Higher Education, Republic of Liberia, has taken note of the current status of Adam Smith University and wishes to advise the following:

    The Commission did disclaim other distance learning institutions for academic malpractices involving awarding of bogus degrees under the pretext that they were accredited by the Commission. However, the Adam Smith University has not been disclaimed because no report of its involvement in such scandalous malpractices. Therefore, the Commission will work with the Adam Smith University to begin the process of accreditation, following the completion or finalization of the National Policy on Distance Education which is now in progress.

    Meanwhile, the Commission is hereby advising Adam Smith University to continue its interest and good work in Liberia and all degrees that had been offered will be recognized in keeping with the provisions of the Charter and the National Policy on higher education.

    Upon meeting all requirements, the Commission shall now recommend Adam Smith University for the issuance of temporary Permit of Operation for two years.

    There is a strong guarantee that the accreditation process will be completed in two months.

    Signed Isaac Roland

    Dr. Isaac Roland

    end quote

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    Thanks, Learner. Interesting stuff, again, presuming it's genuine. It is still so hard to regard Liberian stuff with confidence. I cannot say I have any confidence in this decision--if it's real.

    As you know, ASU has a notorious history of jurisdiction-hopping within the US, fabricating language about its status in the Northern Mariana Islands, and the famous invisible 29000 volume library. Its proprietor, however, is a gracious and well-spoken man with a real doc from Harvard. If you get more info, please pass it along.

    Gregg was right; he said you could post well and credit your quotes. And so you are. Best wishes to you.

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