CUNY Baruch Zicklin Hybrid DBA

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    This three-year program is designed for senior executives with 7 years or more of executive experience. They do not appear to mention titled concentrations. There are six required residencies during each of the two coursework years. Each residency runs from a Thursday evening to that Sunday midday.

    AACSB. Zicklin is US News Best Business Schools #62, Baruch is Regional Universities North #16.

    A master's from an AACSB, AMBA, or EQUIS accredited institution is required for admission. The wording hints that a master's from outside a business school would be admissible. But note that "An earned doctorate requires 60 graduate level credits. 42 credits are included in the program and 18 credits are to be transferred from relevant graduate level courses."

    The $125,000 comprehensive program fee includes tuition, books, materials, meals, and refreshments.

    Doctor of Business Administration (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York)
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    There is no ROI for the program with $125K plus travels and accommodations for the residencies.
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    Maybe there doesn't need to be, (although I think there is.) These people have already ARRIVED. See the qualifiers. First sentence in original post. Plus, some are likely getting full ride through their employers OR their (ahem) own companies. Their "investment" is likely mostly their time and effort - and if THEY think it's good use of those - it probably IS.

    And their ROI is increased knowledge and professional standing, BOTH of which they probably know how to get good mileage (and monetary value) from. And yes - there's always networking. At this high level, that's worth a lot. More than most of us mortals will ever know, probably.

    Anyway - I don't see much prospect of a student debt problem with this type of applicant! These are not strugglers - they've moved WAY beyond that. Many of THEM know ROI better than we do. They don't need our supervision - they'll do fine on their own.
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    Or WE'D be THEM! :)

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