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    which distance learning college or university in the state of Florida accepts a complete degree from Penn foster college DETC accredited for transfer into a bachelor degree.
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    The best way to search here would be to use the key words "NA to RA" or similar. There are dozens of threads that you'll have to search through, because of course things are always changing. Another suggestion, contact Penn Foster directly to see if they have any suggested schools for you to apply to.
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    Cookderosa pretty much summed it up. While I live in Florida as well, I am in the fourth semester of Penn Foster and what I am doing is going to transfer all my credits to Charter Oak State College. I already called them and they said if the courses are ACE-Reviewed than they will accept them no question about it. You can also try Thomas Edison State College and Excelsior College. Now I know you said a Florida school, although what I am doing is finishing up with Charter Oak State College and doing a Master's some where in Florida. You can think about that.. Let us know!
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    Search Results
    Below are the results of your search of the HETA Membership Directory

    47 results found. Click on institution name for more information.

    • Barry University (Miami Shores, FL)
    • Central Florida College (Winter Park, FL)
    • Central Florida Community College (Ocala, FL)
    • Concorde Career Institute (Lauderdale Lakes, FL)
    • Concorde Career Institute (Jacksonville, FL)
    • Concorde Career Institute (Tampa, FL)
    Everest University - Orange Park (Orange Park, FL)
    Everest University - Melbourne (Melbourne, FL)
    Everest University - Brandon (Tampa, FL)
    Everest University - Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL)
    Everest University - Lakeland (Lakeland, FL)
    Everest University - North Orlando (Orlando, FL)
    Everest University - Pinellas (Clearwater, FL)
    Everest University - Pompano Beach (Pompano Beach, FL)
    Everest University - South Orlando (Orlando, FL)
    Everest University - Tampa (Main Campus) (Tampa, FL)
    • Everglades University (Boca Raton, FL)
    • Florida Career College (Hialeah, FL)
    • Florida Christian College (Kissimmee, FL)
    • Florida College of Natural Health (Pompano Beach, FL)
    • Florida College of Natural Health (Altamonte Springs, FL)
    • Florida National College (Hialeah, FL)
    • Hobe Sound Bible College (Hobe Sound, FL)
    • Hope Career Institute (Lauderdale Lakes, FL)
    • International Academy of Design and Technology (Tampa, FL)
    • Jones College (Jacksonville, FL)
    • Kaplan University (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    • Keiser University (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    • Miami Dade College (Miami, FL)
    • National School of Technology - Fort Lauderdale (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
    • National School of Technology - Hialeah (Hialeah, FL)
    • National School of Technology - Kendall (Miami, FL)
    • National School of Technology - Miami (Miami, FL)
    • New England Institute of Technology at Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL)
    • Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    • Pensacola Junior College (Pensacola, FL)
    • Remington College - Largo Campus (Largo, FL)
    • Remington College - Tampa Campus (Tampa, FL)
    • Saint Leo University (Saint Leo, FL)
    • Schiller International University (Dunedin, FL)
    • Schiller International University (Largo, FL)
    • The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
    • Trinity College of Florida (New Port Richey, FL)
    • Universidad FLET (Miami, FL)
    • University of St. Augustine (St. Augustine, FL)
    • Warner Southern College (Warner Southern College, FL)
    • Washington-Holmes Technical Center (Chipley, FL)
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    I will tell you one thing with the HETA database, CHEA mentions that the database is only a ref and not an agreement that Universities have to transfer credits. When I was trying to get my undergraduate degree I called up almost 30-40 schools from that list and got a response that they will not accept anything but RA transfer credits. I dont know why the HETA database is used so much with the RA NA transfer. For example, I called University of Wyoming and they would not accept any credits that were not RA and will not consider even ACE credits for transfer. I contacted CHEA about this and they said that the database does not have the authority over individual Universites. So best thing I would do is go on each university website and find out what is accepted.

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