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    I have done my bachelors degree in computer technology. This was a 3 year course and had totally 40 courses. I wanted to do my masters so I got my degree evaluated through an agency. They awarded 2.5 credits for each course and my degree was evaluated to 100 credits.

    I am wondering how these credits are granted for each course?

    I had to take each course for 4-5 hours a week for one semester (6 months). There were also two labs for each semester.

    Can anybody throw some information on this? I wanted to enter into do a master degree with my bachelors , I would like to know if my bachelors degree would be equivalent to any US bachelors degree.

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    What university issued your bachelors?

    Who evaluated your degree for credit?

    Where do you intend to get a masters from?

    Normally a US Bachelors=120 credits (Semester hours).

    In the US each Credit seems to mean about 15 hours of classroom time (plus individual reading and assignments outside of class), therefore a typical 3 credit class would equate to about 45 hours of time in class. Although, the number of hours varies by institution and major.

    Hope this helps,
    Jeff Welch
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