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    I have an RHCE certificate and I am just wondering whether a RHCE certificate would possible be evaluated as credit at some university institute. RHCE is a Red Hat Certfied Engieer. You need to take a training course and then you need to take a long exam to which you need above 70 % in each exam for three different exams to pass and receive your certificate. I belive it is roughly the equivalent of a MCSE degree but I am not certain.


    Theodor R. Gislason
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    ACE-reviewed exams and certifications are listed at:

    I don't see Red Hat or Cisco on that list, but I do see a lot of stuff that wasn't there when I was using ACE/PONSI recommendations for Regents credit. It's probably worth checking back every couple of months. I wouldn't be surprised if Cisco and Red Hat are working with the ACE to get their programs evaluated for credit.

    Good luck.

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