credit by exams for Cyber Security Degree (Big Three) (Or business 2nd choice)

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    Hello all! newbie here. I recently started reading into credit by exams and wish to proceed with this method to earn a degree with either one of the big three. My wishes is to complete most of the credit requirements needed to earn the degree and just take very few courses to graduate. However:

    - I am most interested in Cyber Security and maybe Business minimally, are there actual exams or cheaper third party college credit courses available for the major of Cyber Security that can be transferred into the big three?

    (I can't seem to find this information through research myself)

    And I'm also curious about this one- Is it possible to do credit by exams to earn a Masters Degree?

    Thank you all for taking time to read and possibly reply :)
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    DSST offers a Cybersecurity exam. CSU Global offers CBEs (competency-based exams) that could possibly be used. TEEX offers free cybersecurity courses that are ACE-approved for college credit. TESU and COSC will accept them, but I heard that Excelsior won't.

    Some masters degree programs will give credits for advanced-level certifications. For example, Capella will give credits for the CISSP. Other than the Heriot-Watt MBA that offers its own exams, I don't think there is any other school that lets you earn a masters degree by CBE (credit-by-exam).
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    I have seen your degree plans listed in another website (I have a feeling it's you due to the username), I've gotta say it's so admirable that you've followed these methods and gotten so many credentials.

    Would you have advice for someone like me who wishes to do the same? I've been looking back and forth on the Business/ cyber security degrees the big three offers, but cannot compare them enough to make a choice or to follow through specifically with one degree plan. This indecision itself has made it impossible for me to start finding CBEs or credit courses from other third party that match the credit requirements and to actually start studying already because I don't know if it'll transfer...(due to me not knowing which degree plan/ school I'm following) I'm honestly really overwhelmed by the amount of information and hope anyone who sees this can offer some advice/ assistance.
    thanks so much.
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    The cybersecurity degrees aren't test-friendly. Computer science and computer information systems will be more test-friendly. Information technology might even be a little more test-friendly than cybersecurity. Cybersecurity may be more fun to study if that's where your interest lies, but it's not a required degree to work in cybersecurity.

    The degree you should get should be the one that will qualify you for the job you want.
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    If the degree is not as test-friendly, are there options for courses that are with cheaper places like straighterline? Or will I have to take those courses directly with the college I enroll in? In this case I' am only considering one of the big three.

    How do you determine where else you could get free/ affordable credit for transfer?
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    Kind of as shorthand, we are including ACE and NCCRS-evaluated courses when we say "test-friendly." It's just quicker to type out than alternative sources of credit-friendly. To answer your question, there aren't many courses from places like Straighterline that will count toward the major. There are plenty of options for general education and free electives.

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